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Jun 16, 2020
This topic is an expansion of the RR parts we have gotten for bases. Including a few control cabs for the AI's which require being anchored.


GATES: these energy shielded doors prevent any projectile or parts from passing through while active, they will self toggle if any allied tech gets close to them. note this is per gate so if you move a tech to a gate only that gate will open while the others remain active. The only difference is on the cab gate which disables when weapons are firing this is a power drain issue on the small one. (realisticly it is for you to hide weapons in a tech.)

description: a two tall, two wide, "one" long door that fits into the 2x2x1 walls. this will automaticly open if an allied tech is near it, it will also automaticly open if the fire button is held allowing one to make silo doors to protect missiles and fixed angle guns.
function: unlike their pre build base doors, these use a "red" forcefield as a door, as to simplify animations.

Small tech door

description: a four tall, four wide, "one" long door that fits into the 2x2x1 walls, unlike the cab gate it only opens when an allied tech is close to it (2 blocks from it.) lacking the silo function.

Medium tech door
Description: a four tall, eight wide, "one" long door that functions the same as a small tech door, good for "medium sized techs.

Medium silo tech door

description: a eight tall, eight wide, "one" long door, that is designed to be placed horizontal, for aircraft to enter and exit as such it has a circle door design.

description: A 12x12x1 tech door the largest of the doors, functions like all the others and can be used both in silo and ground versions. IS designed to allow mobile bases through, good for things like large repair bays and storage bays.


RR base anchor
Description: designed by RR for their mobile research bases, these latch low to the ground at 1.5 blocks from it, lower then anything other then a GSO anchor, this is purely to allow for easier drive and connections to their base, their size is a four wide, two tall, four long design. allowing for them to create corner connections for their bases.

RR ramp anchor
description: These 4 wide, two tall, four long slanted anchors have two anchor points the standard 1.5 blocks from ground bottom anchor and a santed ramp connector that goes upto 4 blocks long which is designed to allow techs to drive onto the ramp by digging into the ground. These anchors are used purely to allow base connections to the ground.

Resource gathering

Luxite Growing chamber
description: a large 4 wide, 5 tall, anchor required crystal grower, these things have a special compound in them that allows them to grow luxite crystals. Though the chamber can not refine them it can generate 6 per minute, allowing a good flow of the crystals. Explosive when destroyed.

lore: Luxite crystals are used by recital Research for many things ranging from lighting to high end laser research, as such Relying on GEO to mine them has become bothersome. Bots on the ground have resently found out how to grow luxite in a standard growing chamber, the only problem is the chemicals required are quite explosive when exposed to the air.

Shroom Tree orchard
description: an eight wide, eight long, sixe tall block that only has two connection points on either side of its output. This grows trees and lots of them producing a high amount of wood and jelly. Though it doesn't have much health.

Lore: The Shroom Tree orchard was commisioned by a minor corperation called green tech, though their power is little on the planet RR is never one to shy from a challenge especially when that challenge is growing shroom trees on other planets. After months of research this orchard was designed. IT only caught fire twice in testing which is a bonus.
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Jun 16, 2020

control cabs

Loader drone
lore: a small quad walker that is two blocks wide, one block tall, and two blocks long. These small drones are used by RR to collect materials on the field and return them to labs, as well as collect stray parts from damaged equipment.
function: a unique one control cab the loader drone seek out and collect resources around the local area returning them to the closes manufacturing base (has input for the resources) can be used to control larger techs as well to do the same function, AI actively avoids combat. IT will also use SCU's if you have it on a tech with one, anchoring to collect nearby parts.

lore: Smart aleck master control. This AI likes to think it knows everything being connected to the internet and all, but it really doesn't though it believes it does. When attached to an anchored base it will intelligently control nearby AI techs based on the users settings. Turning the base into AN AI hub. This functions similar to tac AI though with a more TT menu, allowing you to set the base to one of a few settings.

Manufacturing: will collect nearby resources to craft techs. To do this simply have a tech connected to this via explosive bolts, the AI will detonate the bolts and work to built copies of the tech starting with the explosive bolt. IF you have payload terminals on it, it will just buy the parts. Good for large bases. Yes you can just connect loader drones via an explosive bolt to get a quick an dirty manufacturing base up. Will produce no more then 5 of its set tech.

Selling: will collect nearby resources to sell, if you have factory parts on it will craft higher end parts to sell based on what is around.

Defense: will command nearby AI techs to defend nearby base techs, returning them for healing and charging based on what parts it has.

Harvesting: will command nearby AI techs to collect from auto miners to supply either manufacturing or selling bases. ISn't required but gives you 5 more drones in the collection.

note: in each mode the bases can control upto 5 AI techs, the manufacturing being able to built techs for the others to control if needed. TEchs will be controlled based on what they have on them. And radars are required for techs to communicate between each other. So if you don't want an AI tech controlled by a SAMC then don't put a radar on it.

note: this is likely the hardest Idea to add but with tac AI I know it is possible. And yes a base is meant to have several of these.
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Sep 20, 2019
Also: bigger wall and floor building plates and slabs.
Suggestion: the 'door' could probably stay open all the time, and close when enemies are nearby.
/But TBF, no enemy tech is gonna drive through it, they are gonna stop and shoot at it.