Rotating Anchor bug | Crazy physics glitch


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Nov 29, 2019
Okay! Where to start? This is my third post today, and i encountered by far, the craziest glitch I've ever seen in this game.
The glitch involves Rotating anchors clipping into World gen structures.
When you attach a cab to an anchor and let the anchor "auto anchor" into a block after canceling a build beam, it will clip into certain objects causing the anchor to create some game breaking spasms? [ is that the right word? ]

I will leave a video, i recommend watching it.

To recreate:
" To recreate the broken physics "
  1. Level 'Hawkeye' to rank 3
  2. Complete the 'Hawkeye' Spider king mission
  3. After completing the mission, Place a Rotating Anchor and a Cab on the anchor
  4. Hold right click on the anchor and swap to control the anchor,
  5. Hit B [Build beam] to levitate the anchor & cab
  6. move the anchor & cab over top of some shallow debris
  7. Hit B [ cancel Build beam]
  8. Note, The Anchor Attached when dropped from build beam, but will not when dragged by mouse.
  9. Note, The Anchor will violently spin, skew, or flail. aka spasm.
  10. ( results may vary, from instant destruction to minor skew, to slingshot )
OKAY! Now, I will link to a Unlisted You-Tube video to showcase my experiments with it, [~7min].
It's hard to screen shot so the best i can do is this.

( screenshots below )


Save file and output log available on request.
Additional info can be provided on request too.

[ why is insert image button so broken? It took me an eternity to get 2 screen shots uploaded ]
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