Right Click Option for Explosive Bolts

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    I frequently use Explosive bolts to carry one tech with another. While I was building the tech (being carried) today I suddenly though it'd be great if I could command this bolt to pop without actually taking control of the carrier and/or without popping any other bolts I may have placed.

    So please add a right-click menu option to cause specific explosive bolts to be popped.

    Added to that it would be nice if I could exclude some bolts from the overall command to pop the bolts. So please add a further option to the menu to make a bolt safe (for now). An Arm/Disarm option.

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    Extending an interface, like this, to cover enemy techs in R&D mode would have been very handy for those making Explosive Bolt enemy tech submissions, and the ongoing new bases submissions. :)

    (Of course it would also help to fix the bug with the bolts randomly deploying upon tech loading, at the moment.;))

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