Reticule research ideas thread

Epic afdc

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Mar 8, 2016
After the addition of reticule research, and the fact they’re getting put into the main game makes me pretty happy. Reticule Research is one of my favorite corps, and was one of my most anticipated ones to be released, right behind space junkers. I am quite excited for what comes next for this Corp. I have like two ideas for it as well, which I will list here. Feel free to add on to the thread with your own ideas!
RR plasma SMG: this rather large example of an SMG is among one of the first RR weapons you’ll come across. It is big and cumbersome, but when used properly, it can be absolutely devastating. How the weapon functions is that it takes a second to start up, and after about a second it begins to fire, and the fire rate randomly increases and decreases from barely lower than a ZK-47, to being slightly higher than the blisteringly fast oozee. Each shot deals small amounts of splash damage
RR mountaineer wheel: this is an extremely strange wheel, it is rubber and has several rather large spikes on it. It has the ability to actually stick to surfaces, making it significantly harder to slide down steep surfaces. The main pitfalls of this wheel are it’s price, it’s speed and its poor steering. I even have a tiny bit of lore for this wheel! This wheel was once commissioned by GEOCorp, but due to the extremely high R&D costs GEO cancelled the project, RR decided to keep the project for themselves, tweaking and improving its design.