Reticule Research Enemy Population Submit

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Feb 23, 2018
Here's today's batch. First we have the Biggest Burner, a mining rig which makes use of Giga Plasma drills to mine stuff which nothing else could scratch, and comes with plenty of weapons to protect its catch:

Biggest Burner.png

Next, the Striker, a fast Venture tech with some Reticule Research hull parts:


And finally, Attitude in Grey, a fairly nondescript tech which uses ball wheels and a few Reticule Research chassis pieces:

Attitude in Grey.png


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Feb 23, 2018
This is Project Sparrow, an aeroplane under construction that's currently too heavy to fly. Reticule Research built a mobile scaffold to hold the plane, as well as some spare weaponry they wanted to try adding to it, and some megaton cannons which are mostly just there to look nice. With the scaffold carrying it, Project Sparrow is actually quite effective already.

Project Sparrow.png


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Feb 23, 2018
Here's some more. Starting things off on a high note, we have the Topsy-Turvy Tank Test, a remnant from when the GSO commissioned Reticule Research to build a tank that could function upside-down. The resulting tank could function upside-down, but it needed a huge mobile scaffold to carry it, and the huge mobile scaffold needed a bunch of GeoCorp blocks for ballast. The ballast needed a repair bubble. Once they'd got all that out of the way, the scientists decided they might as well add weapons to the scaffold.

Topsyturvy Tank Test.png

A copy of the scaffold, the innocuously-named Weapon Trying Rig 45, was later turned into a formidable tech in its own right.

Weapon Trying Rig 45.png

Reticule Research have also attempted to build their own racing cars, onto which they slapped massive weapons without a care for trifling concerns like "aerodynamism" or "weight distribution". One result of this programme was Speed Test V86352:

Speed Test V86352.png


Jul 23, 2018
Wow! So many awesome Techs. Thanks so much to everyone for submitting :)

We've almost reached the limit of what we need so I'll be closing this thread tomorrow, 9th Sep. If you're still working on a Tech you better finish it ASAP.


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May 20, 2017
Seeing the general lack of Splitting Techs, this presents a fun opportunity to add more to the population-
Fissure Force - 300,000 BB
Fissure Force.png
Tech Count x3
RR-VEN (and a hint of GSO for better bubbles)
A fairly sleek, rigid splitting RR Tech that divides into two other Techs: A motherTech, sniper, and a melee.

MotherTech (Main): Has most of the batteries, good shields
Sniper (Back Left): Has long-ranged RR Weapons with weak Batteries
Melee (Front Right): Has short-ranged RR Weapons with strong batteries

There is an aiming issue on the RR Fireworks Launcher where it aims below target [1.4.3] - Pls notice~

Unhandled Lop - 600,000 BB
Unhandled Lop.png
Tech Count x6
A failed group experiment - The structure is unstable and it all falls apart into 6 fragments upon engagement.
However, each split part is somehow still fully capable of being hazardous. Strange.

+ All the parts are perfectly capable of navigating on their own, even better than it works as a whole.
+ The splitting action is further hidden by a mix-up of Faired and Armored RR One Blocks.

Allocated Science - 360,000 BB
Allocated Science.png
Tech Count x2
RR-HE (and a hint of GSO for safe explosive bolts)
A powerful but small tech rests upon another, weaker, bulkier Tech.
They both seek revenge against RR for their unholy existence and will not hesitate to disintegrate anyone who gets in their way.

+ This is an MT Tank using the might of a RR GIGA Plasma on a rotating mount
+ Not only is it responsive, but the turret is also perfectly capable of roving on it's own!

As you can see in this snapshot, the elevation aiming of the turrets are flipped.
When they should be aiming high, they aim really low instead...
This has become a BIG issue in [1.4.3] - devs pls notice this

Diffusive Miner - 700,000 BB

Diffusive Miner.png
Tech Count x7
RR-GC-BF (and some hints of VEN and GSO for stability reasons)
A Mining rig built to handle zero-gravity crystals safely and bring them back to the ground.
I don't know exactly why GEO trusted RR to make their laser drills aim, but one thing's for sure:
The malfunctioning mining convoy is barely interested in resources...

+ All the techs have BF gravity magnifiers to prevent them from being uprooted by the Zero-Points.
- BF gravity magnifiers are VERY dreadfully buggy when the Tech drives over a loose block on the floor (Pls notice devs)
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