Reticule Research Brainstorming Thread

Captain Load

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Mar 8, 2016
A lot of neat ideas in here. However, as cool as the battery overcharger weapon sounds its likely to do little more than drain your own power while helping an enemy maintain their shields and repair bubbles. Here are some possible alternatives:

RR Energy Flow Disruptor: Automatically targets the nearest enemy tech within range [which is slightly greater than a GSO Remote Charger. The visual effect would be a whispy tendril somewhat like a remote charging arc]. Slows the target's transferal of power from generators to batteries and from batteries to power-consuming blocks by 50%. Does not affect remote charging or energy leeching [because that technology is too similar to how the disruptor works] . Effect does not stack against a single enemy but multiple disruptors can be used to target multiple enemy techs within range.

RR Energy Leech: This dreadful creation is a modified remote charger that works in reverse. It will drain power from the closest enemy tech at two-thirds the rate of a GSO Remote Charger's energy transferal. Only one power leech may be equipped on any one tech. [Range is equal to GSO remote charger.] Note that an energy flow disruptor and an energy leech can target the same tech, which can leave a target with dry batteries very quickly!

These blocks would open up a new strategy: techs with heavy shielding and repair but minimal ranged weapons, i.e. the "gladiators". If you could get into range before your bubbles were exhausted you could employ short-range and melee weapons while helping yourself to a target's power supply. The only problems I can foresee with these two blocks would be the creation of an energy-draining arms race if long range weapons are ever nerfed. Battles could turn into crazy melees of power interruption and "grand theft energy", with victory probably going to whoever had the most battery storage. Of course, that's not so different from how things are now.