Reticule Research Block Ideas!!!

Apr 22, 2020
I have many ideas for this amazing new faction, here are some:

Hydraulics: Instead of having permanent ramps hanging off the back, perhaps the devs could introduce hydraulics in order to make elevators and other such contraptions.

Hangar doors/doors: Actual doors would be great so as to be able to implement hangars for carriers.

Folding wings: Compact, folding wings so as to be able to fit more capable planes into small hangars.

Docking/undocking clamps: Some sort of docking system that allows for two players to temporarily (Or permanently) bind themselves together, also allowing for connecting/reconnecting multiple times.

Keybound explosive bolts: Explosive bolts that allow for different things to be dropped at different times, instead of all at once.

Basic 2x2 Rifle: Much like the Venture Crossfire Rifle, or the Hawkeye Repeater Rifle, I would love to see a larger 2x2 rifle that is capable of packing a punch while still maintaining a decent fire rate; the ideal bomber turret.

Large Missiles: Slow hulk-like missiles that can be shot at by weapons.

Point-Defense: Weapons that automatically target missiles and attempt to shoot them down.

Jet engines: Similar to the zero propeller or the ion drive, these engines require no electricity nor fuel and offer stronger propulsion at a cost of a charge-up time, they are also 2x2 in terms of width.

New cab types: cabs that aren't limited to a select few, but rather Cabin: Size 1, Cabin: Size 2, etc.

AI capable of operating planes: Self explanatory.

AI capable of automatically mining: you can tell your AI to target a specific resource and mine it, once full, it will report to a resource receiver to unload its bounty.

I sincerely hope to see something like this in the future. Terratech is an amazing game with such potential, I will happily watch as it progresses over these coming years!


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Apr 9, 2020
With most of these ideas, they've already been put into the game with unofficial mods that you can get, and I think it would be useful if the modders were able to show or give the devs the mods so they could implement these changes themselves. Just making them stable and not exploding your computer.