Ressource chunks "vacuum cleaner" - or the issue with tech height and collectors


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Jun 28, 2018
Being quite fond of Geotech, one issue you run into when using their tech is that due to their large size collectors have some issues getting ressource chunks away from the ground.

Ressources that you drive over are basically completly unable to be retreived because even if the tractor beams try they naturally fail to transfer the chunk through solid walls... a similar problem as above.

While you can mount collectors downward facing, they still store ressources "above" them which means in this case into the ground which looks stupid.

I find myself driving in circles for minutes to collect some missing chunks. The theoretical high efficency of GC collector techs cant be really used because the problem seems to amplify the more full they are.

Suggestion: Vacuum cleaner ressource intake

  • Mounted at the bottom of your vehicle
  • Sucks in ressources on the ground with a relative limited area (to avoid ressources being sucked against wheels or tracks)
  • Moves the ressources into an upright storage position like all other collectors. (It is basically a normal collector but one that ONLY takes chunks in from the bottom of it and not from anywhere else.

Bonus suggestion:

  • Vacuum hose: The vacuum cleaner sits at the bottom of your vehicle but the ressources are sucked through a hose (for which you need to clear a path of course) to the receiver that could then reside on the optimal top of your vehicle.
  • Transparent (glass) hose: See those chunks flying
  • Since below your vehicle and between the wheels/tracks you dont see much... how about a proper sucking sound everytime you collect?
  • Combined with a Tresher like mining tool..... for frontal use.
  • Weaponized vacuum? Tired of those tiny bots showing no respect to your large mass? Not anymore.... suck them right in and expell them into your waiting plasma cutters...
  • Vacuum blocks? Tired of magnets attracting blocks at the most inopportune angles? Not anymore... just suck them in (additional manual work) but have them at a better place.
  • Ressource transmission possibilities: GC is all about efficiency.... so bulk transport by hose sounds like a good idea. And would nicely help stocking up the probably planned GC conveyor belt and their silos. No longer just one piece per second but wooosh.

Your thoughts?


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Apr 22, 2017
There is already a vacuum cleaner in the game - use a combination of:

Picker -> Conveyors -> GSO chunk dropping block.

If you check out some of my techs (in the signature), they are using exactly that - check out the Typhoon Trailer as the best example.
Or the Rivet Bier or the Typhoon itself.