Reshaping The World: Biome Tweaks, Terrain Structures, Trading Stations, Water, Weather & Disasters


Collecting the Infinity Terminals
Apr 4, 2019
I just realized I missed the Pillars section from my original doc (dumb 5000 characters limits might have made me cut it accidentaly). I'll be also adding some more stuff.


Pillars are a rare biome full of valuable resources contained at its Spires. However the Spires are not replenished, and the quantity of resources you get is small compared to automining operations. If that biome has to be as special as it looks, some ideas can help with that.

  • Rodite Crystals - A crystalline formation made out of pure Rodite Ore, containing a seam below. It's spiked and highly corrosive, so any tech that touchs it will receive damage, even drills and saws are damaged.

  • Crystal Pillar - A special type of Spire shaped like the pillar rocks. It spawns on top of the largest pillars and contains much more resources than the Spires, however a little bit tougher to break (and harder to reach). A highly rewarding node for those who can reach and mine it.

  • Charged Pillar - A pillar that acts like a natural battery and wireless charger. It will charge any tech that comes close to it. These special pillars have sparkling effects when charged, and will recharge themselves completely every two days (much like the Luxite respawning cycle). The amount of charge depends on the size of the pillar (although these pillars don't get too large either, think of the smallest pillars you find at this biome, about that range of size).

More Overworld Structures

I had some more ideas on structures I'd also like to share.

  • Runic Portal - With the recent addition of teleporters to R&D, the possibility of having "naturally" occuring portals in the overworld is real. These would be rare, generated randomly and in pairs, connecting two random spots in the world, not too far away but helpful enough, something like the average distance between two or three Trading Stations.

  • Antigravity Obelisk - A mysterious black obelisk, with a texture similar to the Pillars, and many engravings in it. This obelisk generates a very large antigravity field around it, the size of three radar circles or more. Very rare and occurs beyond 7000 units of distance from spawn, just like the pillars biome.

  • Floating Stones - They generate within the antigravity field of the Obelisks and contain common rock resources inside. This would be a great way of testing "asteroids" before adding a space dimension, if ever.

  • Healing Monument - Another type of runic structure, that generates a very large healing bubble when powered via wireless chargers. It has no battery capacity though, so it needs a constant stream of energy in order to be activated.

Even More Biomes

The biomes suggested on original post are all related to water, but there's still much more that could be added unrelated to this.

  • Mega Fungi Biome - A biome that has an easy to navigate terrain, similar to the grasslands, with an unique ground coloring (perhaps pink, purple or dark blue). Instead of trees, it has tall, giant mushrooms. No rocks can be found in this biome, besides Luxite Crystals.
    The mushrooms are tall structures, and make navigating in this biome an experience similar to the Pillars. Different than the pillars, the mushrooms can be taken down, but they have a very high health.
    Giant mushrooms yield large quantities of Rubber Jelly and some Oleite Jelly, and respawn in three days.

  • Dry Reefs - A sandy biome somewhat flat, with unique stone formations resembling reefs. Some large reefs are "weaker" and can be broken just like stones, however they are extra tough (with more resources inside as a bonus). No trees spawn here.
    Also, some corals can be made of pure crystals, with similar yielding to the pillars' Spires.

  • Impact Crater - Dont know if this is possible to be generated, it would be a biome similar to the mountains and their valleys but in a very unique shape, circular. It would lack trees, with a large concentration of rocks close to the bottom/center. The resources contained in these rocks would vary randomly with each crater, but they would all be the same within the same crater, like only Rodite rocks or only Oleite rocks. Rare biome like the Pillars.
    Finding an Impact Crater would be highly rewarding and great for automining operations.

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