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    Since 1 week I'm renovating my house together with my GF.

    The plan: A new and modern kitchen.
    The result: I only wanted a new kitchen, she also wanted to have a new hall. So we compomised and made the hall too.

    What we have done sofar:
    - destroy the old kitchen and throw it out
    - get the wallpaper off the walls
    - get rid of the tiles on the walls and on the floor
    - get rid of some small things (lamp, decorations, ceiling wood,....)
    - smooth the ground with that smoothing machine (Below the tiles were some cement rests)
    - clean the dust
    - get an electrician the install new plug sockets
    - order the kitchen + wallpaper + tiles
    - buy a new radiator

    That's what I'm currently living in:



    I can't wait to have it finished. So much dirt everywhere :mad::confused:
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    Not that bad... I saw worse.
  3. Chrii_the_Vieh

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    That explains your absense in DerNiepe's streams.
    Best of luck for your projects there.
    Recommended colour-sceme: brown+green --> Kiwistyle ;)

    May the Zestiness be with you!
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    yeaaaah ;)

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