Receiver Priority is WEIRD + Dropper/Collector mechanics


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Jan 3, 2015
Hey guys! I was pretty busy with a new workplace and moving into a new house, but that's kinda sorted now so... I'm back complaining I guess? lol
Yay for everyone on the new co-op campaign feature we are getting though! I believe this could be a whole new beginning for Terratech.

Anyhow, I just noticed while working on a new tech that Better Future receivers are getting priority on getting resource chunks over GSO receivers?
I was trying to make a receiver up to drop resources down to ones below, but even though the chunks are clearly closer to the GSO ones, they get pulled right back up to the BF one at the top.
I'm using the bigger GSO one, so the range should definitely not be the issue here... and I tried extending out the dropper so it drops it right near the GSO one as well.

Plus, I've always thought that droppers could be done differently because if I'm trying to get rid of some chunks from my silo or something, the chunks will get zooped right back to my collecters/receivers even if I try to run away from them at a decent pace LOL.
And Collectors currently can only release and send chunks to Receivers on a separate tech, which is weird as well? Changing that would give us a lot more creative possibilities, I think.

On a side note, SCU's don't seem to get priority over blocks according to the distance, but get it randomly somehow? I tried placing SCU's on both ends of techs to avoid blocks getting stuck all over, but often the SCU on the far side would constantly get priority over blocks... PRETTY ANNOYING lol
Are these something that could be fixed relatively easily? Cuz it would be really nice lol