Re-make the old GEOcorp cabs

Bring them back?

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Epic afdc

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Mar 8, 2016
Ah the old GC cabs the Big Boss and the Overlord. I’m sure almost everyone who has played the game before they were removed misses them dearly, I am one of those players.
I simply suggest that they are updated and re-added into the spawn menus (since they seem to still be present in the game’s code and can be accessed via old techs)
I like the idea of having multiple cabs, it gives the player more choices.
alrighty enough with talking about that, now let’s get into the changes to them that should be made, starting with the one and only Big Boss.
So the first thing I suggest changing about it is what made the old GC cabs stand out, the fact it didn’t have any wheels. I think this cab should have small tracks that pop out of the bottom, along with a small plasma cutter that pops out from the front. A small built-in collector that holds 5-10 resource would also be handy.
The grade would most likely be grade 2
The look for the Big Boss should be updated slightly as well.

Now for the Overlord cab.
Firstly, give it some large (for cabs) wheels, with plenty of grip but terrible speed. It would have a mini Cerberus drill that burrows through rocks decently enough, and give this cab a collector that can hold around 10-15 resource.

That’s it, I apologize in advance if this seems rushed, as I am rather tired at the moment and I gotta jot this down before I forget completely about it.