RC-3197's Reticule Research Block Idea Megathread

First In Charge

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Jul 29, 2017
Getting back to the suggestions, I have a few:

All Reticule Research blocks should be crafted with only components, and because of that they should have component boxes instead of compressed resource blocks

Wheels with adjustable height

Vectorized thrusters

Grabber (manufacturing block) - Robotic arm that can pick up resources on the ground, conveyors, silos or manufacturing blocks' outputs and move them to where they are needed or to a silo or conveyor in range

EMP Cannon (weapon block)- Fires a charged shell witch disables power blocks for a few seconds

Repulsion Field Generator (power block) - Deviates bullets and shells from the generator block, not energy based projectiles though, the closer to the center the stronger the force. Works better against slow moving projectiles (require less energy to deviate trajectory)

Power Monger (power block) - Functions like a wireless charger in reverse, draining power from other techs within range

Capacitor (power block) - Battery that can store roughly twice more power than other batteries of the same size but slowly loses power over time and have attatchment points on only one side
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Dec 30, 2020
We always have a regular Auto Miner but I was thinking maybe instead of it being just that one which we have for such a long time.
We would have a reticule research laser drill that has far greater efficiency and takes up a significant amount of room and power.
much like the Tesla coil.
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Jan 23, 2021
Black hole gun. Have it replace the terminal and make it an endgame only item

Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
Is it possible to necro a sticky thread? Well, I had some new ideas I wanted to post, and this thread is still stickied, sooo…

Gravity Cannon: basically the opposite of the Zero-Point Energy Cannon. Creates a field where gravity is amplified. Good way to ground flyers and hovers.

Orbital Strike Mortar: a mortar that sends shells halfway to the moon before they come crashing down on the enemy! Ridiculously high arc that can fly over walls, hills, and mountains. Maybe add bullet tracking so the airtime doesn’t totally ruin aiming.

Arc Generator: Didn’t see if this was already suggested, but this is a unique generator that harnesses lightning to make electricity. Would be great if added in tandem with a new stormy biome or with weather. Lightning would be very dangerous for techs, but the generator’s lightning rod protects a fairly large area and produces massive amounts of power for each lightning bolt that strikes it.