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Feb 4, 2017
Has anyone made a mod with the internal silo functionality? Been perusing the forums and haven't found one.


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May 20, 2017
+ ModuleReinforced now has a value "DenyExplosion", which greatly reduces splash damage from whatever projectile collides with it (use with Reactive Armor)
+ To compensate, any projectile with "OHKOProjectile" overrides all ModuleReinforced with DenyExplosion. Use this on any weapon that intentionally is made to kill groups of blocks instantly anyways.
+ OHKOProjectile now has value "InstaKill" to enable if it should kill blocks on contact
+ ModulePointDefense now tries to aim directly at the projectile if it knows it can't actually lead it, allowing to to aim at projectiles that it previously chickened out on.
+ Added "SmartManageTargets" to ModulePointDefense which makes it better at dealing with swarms of same projectiles at the cost of losing close priority
+ Added "LockOnTooFastSpeed" to ModulePointDefense which if the projectile exceeds the threshold, it will target head on instead of trying to lead.

+ ModulePointDefense no longer ignores incoming interceptables that are fired from out of range
+ ModulePointDefense now performs less checks when searching for targets, there should be a framerate increase for builds with tons of Point Defenses

+ ModuleFuelEnergyGenerator now features option Alternating, which begins generating on full tank, and stops when empty
+ ModuleFuelEnergyGenerator now features sound value GenerateSFX which plays sounds based on if it's running or not.
+ ModuleFuelEnergyGenerator - To add effects while running, make a new Gameobject named "_MFEG_effect" to store those ParticleSystem and Spinner effects.
+ ModuleUsageHint can be assigned to a block to show a hint (ONLY ONCE) to the player how to use a block.
+ Most existing modules now feature a Hint of how to use them.

+ Modded projectile guns with Explosions not properly exploding under specific conditions now explode correctly again

RandomAdditions Update Version - 1.4

- Hangars, Tractors, Gimbals, Cores
The root cause for turrets not aiming properly in NuterraSteam has been found.
This may require large changes to the hierarchy of your NuterraSteam block.
Stay tuned for more information.

+ ModuleCustomShop is a placeholder module which sets ModuleShops to the block's current set corporation.
+ ModuleOmniCore is a physics-based tech controlling module that acts like a performance-friendly version of a cluster of hoverbugged HoverJets. Applies forces directly to center of mass.
+ ModuleTractorBeam is a physics-based tech-grabbing module that can be used to grab any non-neutral tech that's not anchored.
+ ModuleMoveGimbal is a dedicated module for use with serve drive wheels. Use like a GimbalAimer. You will still need FollowTransform to fasten the _wheel to your MoveGimbal GameObject hierarchy as the ModuleWheels coding is too risky to change.
+ MoveGimbal is a GimbalAimer but for movement parts. Faces directly in the direction of intended travel.
+ ModuleHangar lets you store a limited number of techs within a specific size and block count range. Use ModuleTractorBeam with it in the same block to allow it to automatically retreive and deploy assigned Techs when needed
+ OHKOProjectile now has a setting to insure kill on target block HP hitting zero rather than only instant death.
+ Added support for some modules in Multi-Player.
+ Preparing for Steam Release soon

- Fixed some hints not working correctly
- ModuleRepairAimer now works consistantly
- OHKO no longer destroys blocks that were just respawned
- Fixed crashes related to mod data handling when the mod is not present. This was caused by the classes the vanilla save system was searching for not being available. The solution is to save that data separately, in a format that is nearly foolproof.
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May 20, 2017
RandomAdditions Update Version - 1.5 - Northbound Children

Projectile Modules:

+ RaycastProjectile fires a single ray that can be set to damage blocks in a line.
+ TrailProjectile lets TrailRenderers in a projectile finish before removing it.

Block Modules:
+ ChildModuleWeapon can be placed ANYWHERE OUTSIDE the base block GameObject level in a block's hierachy in a GameObject to act as a self-operational weapon. More guns in one block, but don't overdo it...
To do this it also needs a FireData containing the projectile and multiple ExtGimbalAimers in a layout like a GimbalAimer. Also supports BeamWeapons and FireDataShotgun.
Do not stack more ChildModuleWeapons in another ChildModuleWeapon's children (GameObjects inside of ChildModuleWeapon's GameObject)
Use ExtGimbalAimers instead of GimbalAimers to aim the turret.
Use RACannonBarrels instead of CannonBarrels to fire the projectiles.
Does not support ModuleModeSwitch because adding this could result in a laggy mess.

Changes to existing:
+ ModuleMoveGimbal now has "NorthFacing" as an option for "IdlePointing". Set "DriveControlStrength" to zero to only use that.
+ MoveGimbal now can be set to rotate in "Z" axis. This only rotates it upwards in relation to the "IdlePointing" with new variable "RotateZAxis"
+ ModulePointDefense should have no memory impact if none are active on scene.

- MoveGimbal now correctly rotates in all orientations to face the target

RandomAdditions Update Version - 1.6 - Steaming Away

IMPORTANT: ModulePointDefense will split off and become a seperate mod named "ActiveDefenses" in the future.

Please keep this in mind.
Also the mod is moving to Steam soon. The TTMM version will still be updated but expect less frequent updates in TTMM.

Hold Keypad Plus and Left-Click to take a block snapshot for use in block mods.
They are saved under "AutoBlockPNG" in the same TerraTech install folder "QMods" / "Custom Blocks" is stored in.

Added ModuleHardpoint - hide and show models based on attached APs. Consult the Documentation (BlockModulesJSONExamples)

Documented Coding (Now they are ready for use!) for the following:
ChildModuleWeapon (and the parts that go with it)

ModulePointDefense now supports using a ChildModuleWeapon instead of ModuleWeaponGun
// ChildModuleWeapon
"UseChildModuleWeapon": false, // Use the FIRST ChildModuleWeapon in hierachy instead
TorpedoProjectile now supports particleSystems used in Transform "_subProp"

Fixed various duplication exploits with ModuleItemSilo
Fixed issue causing ModuleMoveGimbal to throw errors on DriveControlStrengths below 1 (making that feature unuseable)
Fixed projectile healths not being set properly after being fired
Fixed some inaccuraccies with ModulePointDefense and made it capable of responding to threats that would hit instantly normally
Please let me know if you are interested in using ModuleLoneMove - a lone cab controller module that's undergoing testing.

IMPORTANT: ModulePointDefense HAS SPLIT OFF and became a seperate mod named "ActiveDefenses"
RandomAdditions.ModulePointDefense still works but only if you have ActiveDefenses AND RandomAdditions installed!

+ Free Camera is no longer restrained and can travel up to 95000 away in NON MULTIPLAYER modes
+ Fixed various version-related crash issues
+ Improved description of SpiltProjectile/SplitProjectile and accounted for naming errors
+ ModuleTechTether allows the player to make a physics connection between two seperate Techs. This does not convey Tech controls however.
+/- ModuleTileLoader allows an attached block to let a loaded Tech keep a Terrain Tile loaded no matter what.


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May 20, 2017
RandomAdditions Update Version - 2.0 - Steam Release Update
IMPORTANT: ModulePointDefense HAS SPLIT OFF and became a seperate mod named "ActiveDefenses"

RandomAdditions.ModulePointDefense still works but only if you have ActiveDefenses AND RandomAdditions installed!
Release of the mod on Steam (Unlisted - please help report issues)


+ If there is missing critical dependancies, the mod now warns the player and does not activate
+ Added volume-based storage to ModuleHangar - check the documentation in the mod's Github page for more details
+ Partially implemented modular weapons

+ Fixed TTSMM late call to launch the TTMM version of this mod which caused major sections of the mod to not be initiated correctly
+ Fixed crash caused by Projectile patches
+ Fixed crash caused by SeekingProjectile patches
+ Fixed crash called by base Tech patches
+ Fixed crash from world tile loading