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Apr 4, 2019
GreenTech Jumbo Wings
(re-posting as it got a new block, visual tweaks, and slight buffs)

Massive, strong wings of alloys and fibrewood for large planes and other oversized aircrafts; can carry a lot of weight.

These are wings designed for the heaviest planes, big and strong so that you don't have to spam lots of mini wings, which looks awful and unrealistic. It was originally released 2 years before Geocorp Wings and I think it's still a much better choice, with better stats overall.
The Tail Rudder is the newest addition, being quite light and having a lot of turning strength, just make sure to have it on the edges of the Tech for maximum turning torque.

Important: You need to change Aeroplane Control Scheme a bit when using the propeller wings, since Left Shift is set by default to activate both acceleration and propellers.
Assign any other key to propellers, such as PG Up/PG Down, so that when moving forward the wing props don't also move you up unintentionally.
Have Up/Down Arrows assigned on Lift so you can control ascension/descension and properly lift vertically when you want, while having W/S for pitch changes (A/D for roll, Q/E for turning, as usual).



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Apr 4, 2019
GreenTech Floaters

Same description as the other floaters I made:

When attached to a Tech, this tank heats Celestian Crystals contained within, sublimating these into Celestian Gas, which has high atmospheric buyoancy due to antigravity properties.
However, at higher altitudes it has decreased effect, due to the thin atmosphere.

The GT Floaters have stats of max height and strength/volume in a close range to the other corps floaters, in the middle ground I'd say. The main difference is the plentifulness of APs, so that you can get creative and integrate them into structures.

You can make a flying ship with a hull of floaters, you can make round blimps, saucers, floating towers, cities; or just reduce the weight of a heavy Tech.




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Jun 21, 2018
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I would like to see thunder cloud emitter as the big tesla coil type weapon that create a small dark cloud slightly above the weapon and launch long range lighting strike with long charge time, or maybe make the cloud shots green laser projectile rapidly as acid rain
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Apr 27, 2020
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GreenTech Mobile Solar Panels

Update April 12th - Fixed a recipe typo.

View attachment 37368

The first functional block of GreenTech has expanded into a pack of its own. Now coming with a larger variant and many corner parts, for even more nature inspired tech visuals and many more daytime power options with less refill stops.
The LED at the base will turn on at night to let you know it's in standby.

Tip: Don't rely on it for the complete fill-up of empty batteries, use anchored solar panels instead, or furnaces and other power sources. Mobile solar panels are good at maintening the battery levels throughout the day and even replenishing it after a mild battle.

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I was inspired by this and thought of the fact that the batteries in most electric cars actually don’t let you use their full capacity, they allow for around 60-80%(I believe) to prevent harming of the battery’s capacity. Also, there are also ’stages’ of the battery’s charge, with the charging speed reducing as the battery nears full capacity. Perhaps Greentech’s power generators could also follow this pattern to deter people from getting greedy?
Just a suggestion. Love your work as always.
Btw ’maintaining’ seems misspelt