R&D Test Chamber Floor Texture Poll

Which option should the R&D Test Chamber use as it's Vertical Descent Termination Plating

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Breaker of Games
Jun 29, 2017
Ok, so from what I was saying in this thread, it feels like the bold orange lines are the main problem. Removing the logo may resole the asymmetry, but that's probably a purely abstract aesthetic improvement.

I was going to rank them in order of (dis)comfort, with the stronger contrast (brighter colours) being worst (and more faded less bad). But having a closer look at each in turn (a little tricky to isolate each, zooming in on sections of that one big image), I feel like I could only sign-off on number 1 with confidence. (And that's not very practical, because it has no grid lines for scale, and is kinda bright and too empty...)

Option 3 (also boring with no orange) might be OK... But even with that, I think the issue may be the parallel brighter line, adjacent to central dark grey line. It's like a fake HDR filter effect, that boosts the apparent contrast of the line. It doesn't feel quite right and might be my problem.

The plain, untextured main area also accentuates the apparent line contrasts. Whereas the old tiling texture was more matte, giving 'roughage' for visual processing, or whatever. (Which seems to be at odds with the game's new, sterile design aesthetic.)