[R&D Proof of Concept] Rotational Weapons Platform + Individual barrel pitch


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Oct 29, 2015
I bring to you today a proof of concept weapons platform which would be totally mobile if I had created the base with wheels. As is, This build has NO anchors. The base platform could have wheels attached if I deemed so, but I opted out because of wheel wiggle / sliding.

Kirisame Weapons Division proudly presents : BFB Platform Mk III Ft. live pitch

The barrel is shown above as stationary. Here it is at the highest pitch it is capable of due to hitting the floor :

Many things make up this multi-build:
  • The base platform is made of hawkeye blocks, some Venture cabs, and a bunch of GSO armor plating. The armor plating is specifically to prevent accidental block attachments that would cause the entire tech to lose it's mind and bend reality to come apart. ..again. Four times FFS >:C
  • The two barrels are completely individual, and pitch via a single large axle each. I originally wanted two, but for simplicity I went with one. Because the barrels are front-heavy, they have hawkeye blocks as counterweights in the rear to balance it. Venture Zero Propellers are placed in order to raise and lower the barrel. It's not a great design as it can't stop at any angle, but the barrel raises and lowers slowly enough where as-is it's not a significant problem yet.

    > To pitch the weapons, you need to select which barrel you want and hold shift to activate the propellers. (just use the side counterweights as reference)
  • The rotating platform uses two large axles to turn, Venture 5 way steering hovers for rotation, and four GSO large hoverplates to basically brute-force counteract the sheer weight of everything attached to it. It has hawkeye blocks at the rear for counterweight so not all the weight is on the barrels themselves.

    > In order to rotate, you'll want to select the center platform as your main tech. It turns just the same as any other tech. (again, use the middle counterweight as a reference)
Take note. This is only the beginning. Techs can, and will get bigger than most players can dream of.

My next goal is to create individual wheel bases that can pitch and rotate based on the land it's currently on. Right now the vanilla campaign map biome designs are extremely unfriendly to large techs. It's only because they are flat at their base. I could hands-down solve this delimma, but the problem remains that the user can only control one tech at a time.

I've attached the save file so you can see how it functions. The only requirement is R&D because.. it was easiest to build it there.. :C There are no blocks to de-attach and no explosive bolts to detonate. You can probably attach wheels if you try, but it wiggles just by moving it, so fair warning. If it warps inside of itself and dies, I told you so.


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