Question about removed blocks


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Nov 6, 2020
So I was looking into the wiki to find out what different control blocks do. It says that both the GeoCorp Boss and Overlord cabs were removed, but I have both of them in my inventory. I used to play this game years ago before the release and they weren't a thing, but now I got them in my new save? Is that normal?

It says in the wiki that it can be obtained from old vehicles, so I'm guessing there are still NPCs using them and I must have stolen it, since I don't remember buying, but at the same time, aren't they always destroyed when you lose? Or maybe it was from a dropped crate?


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Jun 10, 2020
Hmmm... Just to clarify, "can be obtained from old vehicles" I believe refers to snapshots. Blocks tend to linger within the game's code, still containing their ID and functionality and can reside within the block inventory like the HG1 Alt cannon or any other block in the game like the SAM site shield and charger. These blocks don't have an inventory GUI but the game still keeps track of them within your inventory like any other block, so to obtain the block from your inventory you had to load an old tech that was snapshotted with that block in the past. Loading the snapshot will grab the block from the inventory pool and place onto the tech like normal.
"Old vehicles" refer to old player snapshots I believe and operate as said. Though the cabs have been revived back into the game. I can easily tell they are indeed old blocks due to their simple model.