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Jun 16, 2020
Just a few minor suggestions for QoA.

1. A block that allows us to toggle healing bubble visuals. would be Geo, and this is purely to put less clutter on a build when not working on it. Been using the mod that gives healing items with no visuals and while I love it over base healing parts I sort of wish it wasn't an either or.

2. An altitude lock block, I seriously get annoyed every time I have to use the modded one as their is a 50% chance that thing will rocket you into the sky and I don't know why. This block would be a simple block like other BF toggle blocks, when you power it on it prevents a tech from moving up or down, when off they can move up or down.

3.A block that disables the AG glow. I love my anti gravity builds but it is a pain to wait for them to stop glowing purple. This would likely be the same block that allows healing bubble toggle.

Visual toggle block detail
corp: BF
Description: For the pilot who already knows his modules, this control unit allows one to hide their healing fields visual systems while still letting them work, it also works on anti gravity pulses. BF doesn't allow for the hiding of shields do to many combat treaties using this module to do so is against the law on all known planets but you can do that as well.

has a computer monitor like look on its screen when clicked gives 4 options like the function toggle, healing, shield, anti gravity, and all, allows toggling of the visuals on or off, note toggled shields will return to visible when hit with projectiles. Really good for partial shields making it look like a star Trek shield system.
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