Q&A with Russ on Coding with Russ Live Stream


Sep 16, 2014
London, UK
Tinywar made the generous suggestion of posting some of the questions that Russ answered on the live stream today in the forum for those of you who couldn't make it. Good old Tinywar.

Here we go;
Manock: Have you run into any performance issues as the project got bigger, and/or did you
take steps to avoid them?
Russ - Yeah, the game is heavily physics based which means the more stuff we add - the heavier the load on the physics engine becomes. So the performance is consistently suffering from that which means we'll have to keep optimising as we go along - it's an ongoing process :)

Tinywar: Are the shields getting any bigger so they go around a big base?
Russ - Possibly! There are different ways we could approach that such as multiple shields that join together (think Eden project), we could have big shields as an advanced piece you could make (different corporation perhaps?), we could experiment with different shapes of shields...etc! All just possibilities of course.

Pixelator: How much RAM is TT allowed to use?
Russ - *laughs* - how much have you got?

Knyghtefall: Ask him what he sees as Game Goals. I know some are: fleet of vehicles, enemy bases. What else?
Russ - Well there are lots of cool things that could happen, building a fleet...building a fully automated crafting station, exploring the world to find all the cool little things we hide in it, maybe building a flying base? It's an open-ended sand box game...so you tell me!

Pixelator1998: Is there a fixed crafting system (guidelines), And has everything got it's own BB value?
Russ - The crafting system is in development, it'll probably never be 'fixed' as we'll always be adding new crafting pieces and resources etc so it's in a constant state of change. The next couple updates will address the crafting pieces in more detail - let us know what you think!

BB values - yeah pretty much. Everything that can be sold has a value, every recipe will have a BB value to make it, when we allow previously saved vehicles to be bought - they'll all have a BB value and so on.

Pixelator1998: Does the scrapper Sell the Blocks for BB or turn it back into ores?
Russ - It turns it back into ore.

Pixelator1998: What kind of physics does flying use? My "dragster' shaped vehicles with splitter and spoiler keep pinging off into space..
Russ - It uses an approximation of simple aerodynamics. It's not perfect and some of the current pieces are a little unbalanced...we'll keep tuning that as we go on :)

Russ -
Thanks for hanging out with us on stream and asking questions.
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Feb 10, 2015
I can't watch the live streams because of my job, so I loved the idea. Thanks Tinywar! :p
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