PS4 Terratech?

Discussion in 'Open' started by Gayvid`, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Gayvid`

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    While I was looking through the game files for a crash report, I found this file called Ps4SessionImage.jpg
    R the devs working for TT on Console now? I thought it'll be in like 1 month but okay.

    PS: Add controller support for TT

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  2. Lost Ninja

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    My understanding is that another company is handling the actual port but yes ports to PS4 and whatever the current Xbox is called are being worked on, I'm guessing that they're looking for a simultaneous release on all platforms of version 1.0 sometime in September. I'm advocating the 6th what with it being an auspicious day.... ;)

    Then I can have cake and TT on the same day. :D

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