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So as we all know in TerraTech we can make all sizes of techs (up to 64x64x64) : small ones but also big ones.
So here comes a problem : sometimes you need to fill in a big portion of your tech. So here I come with a solution : Procedural Blocks.

But what is a "Procedural Block" you may ask ? Well this KSP mod can maybe answer that question :

And so I created this :

A block that dynamically changes size and APs

Isn't that awesome ?
But that's not all ! It comes in multiple shapes !

Pretty cool right ?

It also saves in snapshots ! (But not in gamee saves so be careful)
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Jul 9, 2019
Is there an instruction manual or suchlike? I've got a bunch of mods installed and the hotkeys I'm supposed to use are all over the place. Did I miss the instructions somewhere?


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BIG UPDATE (and big thread necro as well)

The mod has been updated for the latest versions and has a new feature!
Procedural Meshes!


There is a new Procedural Block and its mesh can be changed to a set of predefined meshes (all the blocks in the image are the same block but with a different mesh. All those meshes are included in the update)
It is technically possible to add your own (You can find the included meshes in the mod folder under Assets/Models/PartSets and work your way from there but keep the meshes origin and orientation in mind when making your own (use the included meshes as examples)

The textures are taken from the vanilla textures but their in game color will differ a bit (technical reason that are harder to fix) so the blocks may stand out a bit in the middle of vanilla blocks. I will try to fix it in a later update.

The included meshes are :
  • BF Chassis
  • BF Basic Block
  • BF Faired Block
  • GC Block
  • GSO Block
  • GSO Block alt (alternative texture mapping with a different stripes placement)
  • HE Block
  • RR Armored Block
  • RR Basic Block
Venture isn't included due to its block not really being symmetrical like the others

The update is available now on TTMM !


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Apr 27, 2020
Well, that can only happen if I have TT for steam-Which I don't. Also apparently @harpo99999 you were up at 4am.
Edit : Aren't you in australia?
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