Pretty good seed, everything needed within about 3-4 minutes


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Jul 3, 2015
If the seeds spawn bases in the same place, I've found one that gives you the core for crafting/defense within about 3-4 minutes of initial spawn. Just north of the first base is a mountain range for gathering GeoCorp items and within gun range of the second base is another mountain range.

Seed: Serenity

From spawn, travel east by northeast until you reach a meeting place between the orange desert, the purple flats and the start green area. Turn left, follow the grassland and head west for about 20-30 seconds to find the first base. When I started this game, the base glitched and automatically became mine before I knew it was there. When I arrived, there was only one hostile mob. The base consisted of:

-1x GSO Payload Terminal
-1x GSO Delivery Cannon
-1x 1-Slot Refinery
-1x GSO Regenerator Bubble
-1x GSO Bubble Shield Projector
-1x GSO Wireless Charger
-1x GSO Small Generator
-1x GSO Small Silo
-2x GSO Small Battery
-2x GSO Small Receiver
-8x GSO Conveyor

Return to the 3 Corners area and follow the grasslands south along the edge of the purple flats for about 20-30 seconds for the second base. I arrived to find a larger tech and a basic tech. I don't remember seeing any part destroyed, so the base consisted of:

-1x GSO Cosmonaut SAP Cab
-1x GSO Big Receiver
-1x GSO 2-Slot Fabricator
-1x GSO 2-Slot Refinery
-1x GSO Large Silo (uncraftable!)
-2x GSO Scrapper
-2x GSO 3-Slot Fabricator
-6x GSO 1-Slot Refinery
-15x GSO Conveyor


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Jul 30, 2015
You sir are a gentleman...

Base 1 confirmed.

Edit: Base 2 Confirmed. Easiest start EVER!
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