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Mar 8, 2016
Suggestion: Campaign challenge mod series
Purpose: to make campaign play actually meaningful and rewarding

The biggest challenges in campaign play are overcoming bugs and design flaws. It would be nice if there were some actual hurdles to overcome. I've divided my suggestions into groups.


* New combat behaviors such as unusual aggression with AIs that pursue you further than normal, AIs that summon help or AIs that do more than "attack front" or "attack rear".
* AIs with collectors that roam around looking for mines to steal from.
* AIs that pretend to be weak but as soon as you get near them they swap to a much tougher tech.


* Base automining speed reduced by 30%
* Pacemaker now does half, normal, x2 and x3 speeds. At 2x and 3x autominers, fabricators and refineries use a small amount of power.
* Ore vein total yields reduced by 50%. To get more from them would require new higher level mines.
* Uncommon "foreman" boss techs would drop blueprints to unlock blocks you normally wouldn't be able to build yet. You'd learn the recipe by putting the blueprint block into your inventory. You'd only be able to hold one of each blueprint.
* Rogue traders who appear rarely and only hang around a short time might also sell these blueprints at a high price. Imagine a sleazy counterpart to HUBL driving a futuristic caravan.
* All crystal formations would have a chance of regrowing after a time. Right now it seems like they only do this in the "crystal garden" biome.
* A new kind of dirt pile feature would occasionally appear and you could dig into it with a scoop or excavator (finally, a use for those shovels!). It would take a little while to remove the soil and beneath it would be a random ore vein, with a small chance of it being from a different biome. Unlike rocks, new dirt piles could appear in a previously explored biome. Frequency of appearance would be uncommon to rare. Why are they appearing? I dunno..maybe the monoliths had something to do with it..


* Missiles get a slight range reduction, nothing dramatic.
* Smaller AA gun added to complement the huge one - probably would make sense to be an HE or GSO block. Small one will target incoming missiles and rockets if no planes are in range. An anti-missile missile block for a different corp would also be really cool

I may add more combat suggestions but where the campaign is concerned AI and industry are what really need some help.
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Aug 22, 2019
probably far out of scope for mods at this stage, but something that really needs to happen:
works like purchasing a tech, but will use blocks from your inventory to reduce/eliminate cost

- somewhat off topic-
mods can prod devs into including great things in the game
one of the things I invented/modded into Starbound is going to be part of their next update :D
Really? What did you mod? Been playing that game since just after closed alpha! Love it!