post replica techs of real vehicles here!

Marshmelly Bean

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Dec 6, 2017

These two techs use mods. You will need the Control Blocks, Mod Config Helper, and Nuterra Block Injector Library.

Sadly, I was not able to properly recreate the landing gear as we still have a limited selection of retractable wheels.

The MiG 23 is a fighter aircraft while the MiG 27 is a dedicated strike air craft.

The two techs feature different control schemes. You can change the wing geometry with alpha 1 and alpha 2 for the MiG 23. The MiG 27 automatically resets the wings to a wider stance. It will then sweep back the wings if you use the boosters set for left control. I could not bind left shift for the boosters and swivel rotation for some reason. Boosters are set to left shift for the MiG 23. The MiG 27 also has a GSO swerve cockpit to replicate the TV camera in the MiG 27's nose cone. Press R to switch views. I sometimes notice that it doesn't work and relaunching the game fixes the issue.

Both techs use acceleration key binds to increase and decrease the throttle. Please do not fly them using only boosters. Propellers are not bound to any key but you may do so if you wish. The elevators will go up and down as you pitch up and down. Wing ailerons will control your roll. Basic aircraft controls are used.

W/S for pitch
A/D for roll
Q/E for yaw

I prefer to bind F/C for acceleration but it will use your current keybindings. Please check the control scheme before operating.

Mig 23 Flogger A.png Mig 27 Flogger D.png

A screenshot of it in Flight