Post Kiwi Wars Timeline


Founded ZTech and BlackWing, Chief of N.A.S.F-01
So, QuackDuck has made a timeline before and during the kiwi war, but he stopped post kiwi war. I've decided to pick up the pieces of this time and write it down, being around after the end. some of the end has been written down, and I wanted to continue.

After the Kiwi Wars, Kingdoms slowly began to go into a recession, kingdoms slowed down to an almost stop, new kingdoms struggled to come, and one simply stopped, as the other continued to fight. the Elder kingdoms to these small and new ones, the ones that were in the kiwi war, slowly began to fade until 2 remain.

The two elder kingdoms, the LK and TAC, remained in action, as the Golden Armada and UESO faded away, as Z-SECTOR and ZTECH were born, and ZTech(although yes, I do own ZTech, I'm not making a lore thing for it currently) climbed as Z-SECTOR fell into the ashes, forgotten.

In the slow decline, a new thing appeared: a faction. unlike a kingdom, this was a place for both individual members and entire kingdoms to join. this first faction, the Emerald Harbinger, was new and well regarded. but, it slowly faded away, but the idea of a faction remained. then out of nowhere, NOVA appeared, and suddenly made it up high in the ranks of the alive kingdoms. This is the end of the current timeline, as nothing more has happened yet.