Portal Block?

Portal, teleporter, or no?

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  • Neither of them are a good idea :(

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Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
Alright, yes I'm crazy.

Maybe that's why I look forward to RR.

The Portal Block would be a block that, on its own, is useless, but when put together with other blocks of the same color in an anchored, powered, rectangular shape, it spawns a portal. Add a UI to change the color and then portals of the same color will link to each other. Three or more portals of the same color will transport in a circular fashion (i.e. portal 1 to portal 2 to portal 3 to portal 1).

If the portal would be too much work, instead there could be a teleporting platform. Build bigger to accomodate bigger techs, but the idea is generally the same: drive on and poof! The platform my be the better idea as instead of a color UI, there could simply be a UI that lists all other active and compatible (meaning big enough for your tech) platforms.

This could allow easy travel between various bases across the world, encouraging players to explore even farther than before.