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Discussion in 'Techs' started by Baconus_Yum, May 22, 2018.

  1. Baconus_Yum

    Baconus_Yum Administrator


    Me and a few other mods got an idea of making a thread where people could submit techs to be in the population, and be reviewed so there can be more population techs without wasting a lot of valuable dev time.

    1. No monster techs. Super late game gun spam techs will not be accepted. Planes will also not be accepted.
    2. It is recommended that techs contain usage of newer blocks, because there is a lack of those types of techs in the population
    3. Techs should be easy to control, and can move on non-flat areas.
    4. Techs should be interesting.
    When submitting, please put what grade a tech is. There is no limit on submissions, but please do not spam.

  2. Olli_DXD

    Olli_DXD Räksmörgås

    Here's my submission. It's around grade 3
    Phenome MkII.png
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  3. Soviet_Samuelson

    Soviet_Samuelson Living in my pizza boxes because mom kicked me out

    What do you mean by grade? And second
  4. TheSpaceMan

    TheSpaceMan Mammoth walker

    What about speed demons?
  5. Baconus_Yum

    Baconus_Yum Administrator

    Grade as in GSO 2, Ven 2, whatever.

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  6. Lyons

    Lyons Well-Known Member

    Speedy Venture Vehicle so maybe last venture level?
    speeda demon.png
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  7. Seth_Seth

    Seth_Seth Temp. Leader of SFS, Gamer

    I got some

    Trio Laser.png
    Trio Laser - GSO 1

    Tipper - GSO 3

    [Enemy] Bertha Carrier.png

    Bertha Carrier - GSO 5
    it's a bit funny how one's covered to the brim while the other's just out in the open
  8. TheSpaceMan

    TheSpaceMan Mammoth walker

    Do Techs need to be able to just move outside of R&D or do they need to be able to climb hills? I made a fairly slow tech. (Are ressource blocks allowed?)
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  9. Nightblade Greyswandir

    Nightblade Greyswandir Well-Known Member

    They absolutely need to be functional in campaign.
    I can't see why resource blocks should not be allowed, as long as they are in reasonable amount. But @Baconus_Yum can give definite answer to that.
  10. TheSpaceMan

    TheSpaceMan Mammoth walker

    Ventoor, VEN grade 3
    Siege Tank.png
    Siege Tank, GSO grade 4
    HarV1, GeoCorp grade 3
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  11. TheSpaceMan

    TheSpaceMan Mammoth walker

    Oh okay, "Siege Tank" can't go up hills that are above slightly tilted, but everything else is good.
  12. TheSpaceMan

    TheSpaceMan Mammoth walker

    Light and fire.png
    Light and fire, GSO 1
    CenterSpeed, VEN 1
    Blackboat, HawkEye 2
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  13. Baconus_Yum

    Baconus_Yum Administrator

    Yes, techs must be able to move in terrains outside R&D

    Resource blocks are allowed. But don’t be stupid with them
  14. TheSpaceMan

    TheSpaceMan Mammoth walker

    Where? Is grasslands/desert enough?
  15. JimmyBlether

    JimmyBlether SFS SUPREME COMMANDER (on roleplay holiday)

    The devs SHOULD listen to these sorts of threads. It seems like they are trying to do everything themselves, even though the community is trying to help out.
  16. Baconus_Yum

    Baconus_Yum Administrator

  17. Potato

    Potato Tinkerer of Titäns

    Yes! I got some right here:

    GSO Grade 3
    Hawkeye Grade 2

    GSO Grade 5
    Will have problems on high inclines / mountains

    GSO Grade 1
    Hawkeye Grade 3
    GeoCorp Grade 3

    Also, @Baconus_Yum , are we allowed to use hovering Techs? No hover bugs, just hovering ones.
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  18. Baconus_Yum

    Baconus_Yum Administrator

  19. Dynamix

    Dynamix Do you want to have a GOOD time?

    I got one:
    Ven Lv. 3

    Edit:I'll just post new replies.
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  20. JimmyBlether

    JimmyBlether SFS SUPREME COMMANDER (on roleplay holiday)

    GSO grade 2/3 simple techs:
    GSO GRADE 2 ST.png GSO GRADE 3 ST.png
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