[Poll] Should screen shake be removed entirely?

I find the screen shake of the damage feedback setting:

  • Unpleasant

    Votes: 6 22.2%
  • Slightly irritating

    Votes: 7 25.9%
  • OK (barely notice)

    Votes: 7 25.9%
  • Good

    Votes: 4 14.8%
  • Greatly adds to my game experience

    Votes: 3 11.1%

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Jun 29, 2017
As I said here in this feedback thread when the damage feedback visual effects where first added: the shaking effect immediately (within seconds) starts hurting my brain and leaves me feeling discombobulated for a minute of so afterwards. Like I'd get a full blown migraine if I tried to watch the shaking for a minute or two.

Thankfully the devs added an option to disable the new effect before it went to the stable branch. So the minority of players who would be similarly effected won't be shouting complaints, asking for refunds, etc.

However, I think this is still a significant QA issue that limits my enjoyment of the game because all the YouTubers I've seen have left it enabled. YouTuber examples: Lathrix, Ssundee, Smash Gaming.

So I've had to skip through their videos and mostly just avoid watching new TerraTech content at all, for fear of stubbing my brain on it suddenly. It's hard to anticipate, given how any little brush with the ground or scenery triggers it. When I commented to Lathrix, he said that several other viewers had said similar, too, but he's yet to disable it.

Demonstration in 1.3.3:

@Adriano said somewhere in this com-core stream [Twitch, YouTube] that the shake effect was originally far worst and more "migraine inducing". So it seems the amplitude may have been dialled down until none of QA (and the other devs too?) had a major issue with it. But that just seems to have only reduced the number of people it effects badly. Leaving a minority having issue (less than 4%, at a guess, if none of the ~26 strong dev team have a problem).

Note that I've never gotten motion sick from games and I've not had this issue with other games that use large amplitude screen shake. E.g. Old RTS games or recently with earthquakes in Two Point Hospital. It seems like many big action games don't use screen shake effects for player damage e.g. Overwatch. But Destiny 2 does and I've been enjoying this game just fine (the last few days):

So I think it probably comes down to the type of shake and amplitude. Maybe Destiny has more of a pulsed zoom effect while TT is a lateral displacement. And bigger movement is clearly not necessarily worst, either. Small, high frequency movements seem most problematic to me (I've felt similar from a video with frame tracking that niggles back and forth very slightly, that many may not even notice).

My proposals:

(1) Just remove shake altogether. Don't even have an option for it. (Depending on result of above poll.) I'm *guessing* that the chromatic aberration is ok (but I don't know in isolation). To help alert players, maybe add a new sound effect for taking block damage, like the clattering for shield impacts.

(2) Turn damage feedback off by default. So those who do like it can still have it. But make the change retro-active, so it's turned off for all existing players too. So they'd have to make a conscious decision to (re)enable it. Can't imagine many will bother.
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Jul 23, 2018
So this sparked a healthy debate in the studio about how the current screen shake works.

The overall view is that as a feature to indicate when you're being attacked it works as intended, however, we could have put a bit more thought into how it was implemented. So our coders are going to take a look at what code is used to create the effect and see how much work needs to go into addressing the issues raised here.


Jun 13, 2018
I had a bit of time yesterday to fiddle with the camera shake code and did a couple of tweaks
- We bobble the camera on a spring so the motion is smoother
- The camera focus point is kept the same when the position changes, so the effect is more focused on the peripheral vision

Take a look at these videos and let me know A) what your experience was before (in the latest Stable) and B) how you find watching the video (fullscreen if possible please)



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Apr 4, 2019
Thanks for taking a look at this, Flan!
I would like to know, are all three videos the same effect?
I'm not sure, but I definitely like the first one the most. Not too intense, but enough for you to know you took damage. It's like a "uh-oh!" but visual.

I got used to the damage effects but during battle it gets annoying, the moment your shields go down it's visual hell, like if the game was yelling at me that I am screwed.


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Jul 4, 2018
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What is with the block allowance when you go into build beam? Is PC gonna have it now too? Are we succumbing to the wishes of the console players?
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Jun 13, 2018
Flan youtube profile picture
What is with the block allowance when you go into build beam? Is PC gonna have it now too? Are we succumbing to the wishes of the console players?
Nothing to worry about there, I was just using the wrong testing settings while filming
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Apr 22, 2017
I'm fairly indifferent to the shake, if it goes, not going to be missed. If stays - ok.
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Feb 25, 2015
I like the first and third video and it got me thinking, what if you mixed the two just a bit?
Have a good one [8D)