please help me


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Apr 10, 2022
I just got terra tech today made a campainge world and messed around for a bit saved and exited then closed the game and ate lunch came back and now every time I try to make a new world , try to open an existing one' mess with settings of go into a mutiplayer it takes me to the bug reporter and then says it has encountered a serious problem and it needs to shut down and it wont let me do any thin other that exit the game i cant go back i can only close the game

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling' close and reopening i restarted my pc I've turned my pc on an off I've verified the files of the game and still nothing I'll leave the out put log here just in case it's fixable



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Oct 29, 2021
From what I can see, your "profile" is broken. Or the game is just ok with Null Pointer and Reference errors...
Best would probably be to join the Terratech's Discord severs's Help section, there are ppl therewhich are good atreading the errorlogs