Planet ZLK-937


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Nov 2, 2018
moving across the Off World like a nomad
Welcome to ZLK-937, Z-tech's home planet! ZLK-937 is located in the same solar system with the Lemon Kingdom's planet. here you will find my private estate(do not enter), Z-techs factory, Z-tech HQ, and the town for all the Z-techies: Techville. come on by, make a post, make peace with Z-tech(if you try to invade, we will send out all our forces, which are mostly air-based, and we will send distress singals to other kingdoms), and have a good time(I will come after you if you wreck my property, so don't do that). RP's are fine, you can use techs and people.
well, if you want to know more, I own a nice little house for myself, close to Z-tech HQ. it has a modern feel, and contains an underground storage for some of my vehicles. I have down there the original prototypes, some misc items, and a workshop. on my second floor is my office(I also have my suite there, but that's not important), which has papers, models, designs, and alot of items. the first floor is normal. I have a garage where I have my shuttle, AeroCar,(also, the opening for my underground storage opens onto Z-tech's airfield) and my car. I normally at my place, if not out back of the factory, working on my prototypes, in meetings, etc.
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