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    So I had this fairly long-running campaign game in 0.7.9 which might have started a few versions earlier, not sure about that, but anyway, it seems that .2 has some serious performance issues with my mobile crafting base compared to 0.7.9.

    0.7.9 had no major FPS issues with the thing but in I'm consistently getting below 10fps from the continued save and the specific tech. I have an i5-4570 and nvidia gtx 1070, neither of which seems to be overloaded.

    Save attached.

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  2. ZeroGravitas

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    Hey again, @Zorgomol (sorry it's taken a little while to reply to you, here).

    Very cool looking mobile crafting tech you have there.:D


    I also get only 10fps on my powerful AMD gaming desktop PC.

    The main issue is from the crafting UI overlays. These are known to have an unreasonably large impact on FPS, as per this recent bug report.

    Cancling all Fabrications and then right clicking a filter (to hide the other Filter's UIs) brings my fps from 10 up to 35.

    Sending your main crafting tech to inventory recovered fully up to 60fps. This despite dropping all the resources on the ground (not that many, but they should have more fps impact when loose). So not certain what else is going on there, seems a little disproportionate to the tech size, to me.

    But the good news is that I see no evidence of tech duplication (which can be a death sentence for a save because it keeps happening and intersecting techs lag and crash the game and making it unloadable, eventually).
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    By the way - did you see my guide and/or crafting tech examples to inspire you to use that scrapper array system? (Just curious.:))
  4. MrTwister

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    Dunno guys, nothing too bad here for me :)

    I have 20-25 fps in this save when taking a second tech and driving it around shooting stuff, while the big tech is crafting. Seems quite different on different computers. And I have a decent but slightly old CPU - i5 3570k

    When manning the base tech still have 20+ fps.
  5. MrTwister

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    There is some lag about 15fps if trying to unanchor and drive around with craft interfaces all still active. Cancelling all crafting fixes the issue.
  6. Zorgomol

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    UI overlays. Who woulda thunk. There must be some creative programming involved.

    My first reaction to loading the save first time in .2 was, "Is this a debug build?" which is something I probably should check. It has happened to more experienced studios. :) The performance difference in C# is not always that pronounced but it is there. Then again some devs do not approve of players poking at their creation with debugging tools.

    I also noticed that there seems to be some kind of memory leakage going on. I tend to play extended sessions and just alt-tab out instead of exiting, so after quite a few hours I noticed that game memory usage (commit size) had gone up to over 18 gigabytes. Quitting to menu and back to game, usage is down to about 7 gigabytes. I have heard that Unity's garbage collection is, well, garbage, but I think there is something fishy going on here regardless. I have never encountered terrain gaps or tech duplication, and with the memory usage pattern I wonder if this might have something to do with the fact that I have 32 gigabytes in this machine, so the game might not never need to recreate a terrain patch.

    I did skim through Steam Workshop items when it was fairly new and manageable. Some of the techs posted there were more inspiring than others. ;) Too bad you cannot properly have GSV I said, I have a big stick.
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  7. Icarus_The_King_Of_Angels

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    I wanted to build a horrendously large crafting base with a separate silo for every component and resource. But now I'm nervous about trying.
  8. ZeroGravitas

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    Yeah, currently not worth. Would be sub-15fps on a good PC with all the necessary Filters.:( The dev's have enthusiastically acknoweledged this issue, though.:)

    Interesting. I'd not noticed memory usage getting particularly big (in Task manager), on my 16Gb Ryzen machine. But there's certainly issues with memory or data array management, that I've been hypothesising about, given the way a half dozen bugs occur. Like, for example, the crafting block smoke/animation stuck-on glitch, that attaches to n'th block, even after SCU-ing and re-placing it. Then affecting *all* blocks of that type upon re-load, until exiting the game.
  9. Zorgomol

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    So I did a little bit of experimenting and math about how slow those overlays actually are, according to Steam FPS overlay:
    All on - 12fps
    hide filters with filter UI (15) - 18fps
    cancel crafting (11) - 16fps
    both - 36fps

    Counting milliseconds gives 85-55-62-28, approximately and that gives a rough estimate of whopping 2ms per UI overlay and maybe 5ms of overhead from having any of them visible.

    I did testing with filter overlays in a new Creative Mode game, with and without my crafting tech on the scene as well, and in both cases I get about 1 millisecond more frame time used for each. Fab overlays have very similar timing. The only good thing I can come up with about that kind of number is that there is plenty of room for improvement. At this point I would not be too surprised if someone had forgotten a millisecond sleep into the overlay code... :oops:

    Now the real mystery is that why they are 2ms in the campaign save, it could be something to do with a 0.7.9 save loaded directly into .2.

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  11. Zorgomol

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    Everything definitely went even further south with that savegame; framerate went down to 4-5 fps even when the crafting tech was not on screen and ultimately I had to send everything to inventory, spawn a little flyer and go far enough that the whole map segment was despawned / deactivated. After that everything was pretty much back to normal and even with respawned crafting tech I got back to 35fps, which isn't good but at least it is somewhat tolerable. That was an ordeal and a half and everything still looks twitchy and jerky even outside the game.

    And here's the savegame I made hoping that restarting the game would help with fps. It didn't.

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