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    (Some outdated images, but meh.)

    I've been wondering: are Payload going to have any other indie devs publish under their banner? Or any chance of merging with SuperPunk games, for example? Or are you going to have a quid pro quo situation and help them finish up development on The Last Leviathan after TT 1.0? (Which I happen to have bought in the Steam sale.;))
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    and will the FORUM still get the announcements?????
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    I can't follow it using my phone or iPad, and my computer still doesn't work...
    Just imagine there is an added one on there everytime you look at it.
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    Followed :p
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    Of course :)
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    Oh my. You really need new R&D pics. Those ones are ANCIENT!!!!! LOOK AT THEM! THE 3 BLOCK IS EXP!

    Also, your top (semi transparent) picture is really old too. That was taken prior to the crafting update! Look at the old mobile delivery cannon. No input slot.

    I like the page a lot, but you need a hand with pictures.
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