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Jan 21, 2016
Old Star Block update
and another mobility item added to Old Stars Vast wheel Catalog
Old Star Daimond Tread

a more versatile track compared to the Wild Treads with a much higher ground clearance
Also needed fixed towards the shield and Regain bubbles since the new shields added changed up the bubble codes along with other small fixes to other blocks.
  • Repair Generator
    • A new color and a truly broken appearance to the barrier.
    • No longer blocks enemy fire.
    • Slight increase to is drain when healing.

  • Shield Generator
    • A new Color to match the Red core inside it

  • Wild Treads
    • Increased ability to turn when paired with other wheels
  • Floater Fan
    • Minor Model Error Fix
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Jan 21, 2016
Brand New Teased Weapon
Block Model updates!
Block update.png

A new Weapon
Old Star Heavy Iron Hydro Jet
  • Brand new ranged weapon for the Heavy Iron Faction of Old Star
  • Sprays high pressured water to break though rocks and pesky enemies interrupting your mining
  • Is larger, heavier but shorter ranged than the similar "Firebug" but can deal much more damage
  • Makes use of the fact that Old Star cabs lack the auto targeting that other cabs provide providing reliable manual aiming to quickly mine ores
  • Water is only pressurized when in use so this new weapon won't destroy you're tech if it is destroyed
Block model Updates​
  • Swivel Rollers​
  • Heavy Iron Clearance Wheel​
  • Heavy Iron Rollers
    • Updated Models and have been given Wheels that can match the aesthetic of Old Star​
    • all three have been given various Mobility Buffs to make them simpler to use​
Bug fixes​
  • Missing Block icon for Angled hover has been added

  • Please notify me on the Main Terra Tech Discord if anything needs to be buffed/nerfed/Fixed and I will see what I can do or if its possible
    • issue with the Heavy Iron Compacter Cab's tendency to delete blocks - I'm still attempting to fix that