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  1. Red Earth

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    My PC froze up hard four times while I was playing. Turns out my CPU was overheating. I got a program to check the temperature and I cleared out some dust, but the game still ran pretty hot. I had to play with the case open. I haven't had this problem with any other games, but I've mostly been playing strategy games lately and those rely more on ram for performance rather than the CPU so this is the first game in a while to need a lot of real time processing power. This seems like a hardware problem on my end, but is there any way a game could cause overheating without there being a hardware problem? My usual computer fixing place closed down so I don't want to have to find some place to take it to unless I have to.
  2. Khaine

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    I've noticed my fans running overtime as well lately, as well as a few freeze ups that required rebooting. As we speak terratech is gobbling up 90% of my CPU and my i5's running at 80 degrees or so. Terratech does seem to be CPU intensive, probably because there's alot of optimization still to go.

    I suggest you clean out the dust as best you can, possibly ramp up your fan speeds (probably won't be enough + will be noisier) or put some new thermal paste on your processor. That's the dirt cheap version. Anything else calls for more deep diving into heat dissipation solutions than I care to research right now :) You can also try lowering the quality settings, might help.

    PS: Yes, playing with the case open does help quite a bit, but it also lets in more dust...
    PPS: In direct answer to your question, the most likely culprit when it comes to hardware CPU overheating issues is that the thermal paste has lost some of its heat transfer properties.
  3. Zed

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    I would be curious to see a photo of this setup, for a computer to overheat in this fashion points to incorrect fan orientation / etc

    Also, it might be helpful if we knew the specs of the machine, perhaps running and posting the www.userbenchmark.com test url for the computer would be helpful since the only thing that I can think of offhand would be that the overheating is being caused by the built in intel GPU functions working above and beyond the CPU function....

    additional cooling, perhaps something like a pci slot cooler might be helpful
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  4. Norseman

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    @Khaine Removing dust from the fans fixed my problem
  5. ZeroGravitas

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    Hey @Red Earth. There were reports from other players of their PC fans getting louder with a recent unstable update: https://forum.terratechgame.com/ind...r-temperature-higher-with-new-unstable.16158/

    Further back (November 2017), there another forum member had crashes remedied by better cooling and down-volting their GPU: https://forum.terratechgame.com/ind...n-0-7-8-continues-crashing-by-freezing.14105/

    This is a very processing intensive game, with a lot of physics simulation going on, etc. So it can function as a bit of a stress test for PCs. There has been a light smattering of similar reports to yours. But I don't think any game software should be able to overheat a properly functioning computer, in theory. Checking correct functioning of your fans by physical inspection inside (while PC is running), cleaning out dust, etc, and in terms of software - fan speed profiles set by manufacturer software and motherboard bios, etc.

    I'll tag a QA dev in case they are interested: @kae. And note that this will be on game patch version 0.8.1.
  6. Khaine

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    That reminds me.. Physics. Did you have alot of resources/weapons dangling about in tractor beams or scattered on the floor? The less clutter you have floating around in game, the less the processor has to work. So clean up your room, young man! :D

    PS: I don't see a GPU issue on my end. There's no fan speed increase or high temperatures or graphical glitches. However, if his GPU was underpowered that could certainly generate multiple issues. I read a thread where some guy was trying to play the game with only the motherboard's IGP for graphics support. Needless to say, the game wasn't working properly.
  7. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

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