Official Custom Corp Questions uhh yes


perhaps, remaking dl models
Oct 14, 2017
I dunno
Since there's no thread for custom corp discussion yet i gotta make one myself lol

So I wonder about a few things like how one makes an example tech for custom corp textures or if unofficial metallics won't be screwed up by using the legacy mode

i'll probably put more in here when i find more issues:tm:
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duck duck goose
Mar 28, 2021
Also, to make the example techs.
Step 1, choose the corp you picked for the skin, if you picked venture or you made a custom corp thats tied to a vanilla corp then you choose that vanilla corp.

Step 2, you build a tech from the corp blocks or if you have a pre built tech made all from the vanilla corp.

Step 3, take a screenshot of the tech then you if you want it to be the skin icon then you can go through the files and do that, or if you posted the skin on steam workshop you can add the screenshot there.

I can also make a video in a while for that. May take a week because its spring break.