Obsolete magnets fix with switches


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Jan 3, 2015
We have an issue where a tech, or techs in the vicinity of each other can only use either a magnet or an SCU since having the latter will make the magnets completely useless because SCUs take priority when taking blocks.

As the title suggests, this could be remedied in two ways:
1.SCUs and magnets (maybe scrappers, delivery cannons and refineries too?) could be turned on and off by SHORT right clicks. The little triangle indicators on the blocks that show where the blocks can go could turn yellow (or off) to tell the blocks are turned off.
2.We could have another BF Block Controller Switch that controls magnets, SCUs, delivery cannons and lights. The first two of those is what we need badly, but 4 to make them just be a different textured version from the existing one? Also it would be so be cool to be able to keep lights on or off regardless of the time of day. They bug out sometimes and decide not to turn on at night, or sometimes not be on when shadows from hills make things pretty dark, so...

I suppose the first solution may be the easier and saves players trouble of getting another rather endgame-ish block and trying to place it in a good spot.
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