NuterraSteam issues


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Jan 21, 2016
Currently attempting to convert Old Star to official now that i got some down time.
But im running into repeating issues with my copy of NuterraSteam.

all blocks get put under basic blocks, skin defaults to GSO even tho a custom corp has been made, removing the reference block in the original JSON makes the produced block have a seizure between a working model and a bleached model
(each 2 block was the outcome of removing the block reference and they rapidly change color)
base textures don't get ported, all blocks will have their reference block embedded into it and the follow animations go to 0 spot on the x axis but function normally

also i can apply my skin to GSO but not to the custom corp it was made for.
Repeated installs and downloads to ensure its not a one time thing and all had the same outcome.

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