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Jun 13, 2020
It's up!!!


All weapon systems in this modpack actively shoots down other projectiles to protect your own tech. Pay extra attention to the requirements listed on the right side of this page

This mod is a port from an unofficial modpack with the same name, with several "bonuses". The following weapon systems can be found in Hawkeye's Weapon section, they cannot be obtained from crate drops but craftable via Hawkeye's Fabricators

C-260P Phalanx CIWS
The Phalanx CIWS (pronounced 'sea-whiz') is a close-in weapon system for defense against incoming threats such as missiles, rockets and small techs. Armed with a 20mm 6 barreled rotating autocannon, this weapon system can destroy incoming hostiles with great accuracy. However, being designed to eliminate small and agile targets, when facing bigger hostiles it can only contribute to strain enemy defenses while other weapon systems deal with the threat properly

L-116 SeaRAM is a close-in weapon system based on the Phalanx architecture. But instead of a rotary autocannon, this model deploys Rolling Airframe Missiles from 11 available launcher tubes. The SeaRAM has considerably lower fire rate compared to the Phalanx, but in turn, each missiles has decent homing capability and yield more damage, making it more suitable to destroying small and agile techs

RP-X1 "Gladius" CIWS
A laser powered close-in weapon system that actively tracks projectiles in order to protect friendly forces. However, it completely ignores enemy techs, requiring other weapon systems to take care of the threat. The Gladius comes with an independent power source, allowing it to function without putting any strain on the power systems on the techs/ships/bases it's installed on

Miniaturized version of RP-X1 Gladius, without an independent power supply. The resulting CIWS is just as deadly but significantly smaller, allowing for a more flexible installation across a spaceship. However, without an independent power source, this weapon system needs to rely on the ship's power to function

C-460P 40mm PDC
40mm Point Defense Cannon, install several or these to form a defense grid against torpedoes, debris, and other incoming threats

Recommended placement: Port

''Don't much care for how these Duster ships smell, but their guns... pashang... their guns are excellent'' - a random Belter

C-460PM 40mm PDC (Mirrored)
Mirrored version of the 40mm Point Defense Cannon

Recommended placement: Starboard

C-260P Phalanx CIWS Minion Version
Same specs as the regular phalanx, with Minion costume

C-260P Phalanx CIWS Amogus Version
Same specs as the regular phalanx, with a rather suspicious costume

C-260P Phalanx CIWS Elizabeth Version
Same specs as the regular phalanx, with weeb costume. No, there is no middle aged dude inside this costume


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Sep 16, 2022
hi, can we haveDarvin funko pop?
reason: padoru is being defrosted and we need a way to defend against it


TerraTech Arms Dealer
Jun 13, 2020
Next time it happens, send the log file, not a screenshot, the file's location is right there. That being said, I have never encountered that exception before, so it's unlikely that the issue was from one of my mods