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Founded ZTech and BlackWing, Chief of N.A.S.F-01
My own would have to be an advancement onto the Air and Space force I run, and we only have exceptions to ground if it's a launching platform or AA. Mainly, however, we require aircraft and spacecraft that are easy to learn and control for beginners, and are relatively stable to use. We will not promote you if we don't like the craft's performance, and we don't care for looks.


Commander-in-chief of Carrier Strike Group NOVA-01
Jun 13, 2020
my requirement for a promotion is pretty straight forward, show us a screenshot/video of the units under your command, according to your station. For instance, if you want to be a NOVA First Prime, show us your full Battalion (200 to 500 troopers); if you want to be a Commodore, show us your Battlegroup (5 to 8 vessels), and so on