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Commander-in-chief of Carrier Strike Group NOVA-01
Jun 13, 2020
"N.S.N. Audacious "

Model : DMS-DRD-01
Manufacturer : Darvenstein Military Shipyard
Displacement : 40506.45 metric tonnes
Length : 64 Blocks
Height : 21 Blocks
Width : 52 Blocks
Top Speed : 42.5 Knots
Role : Long-Range Bombardment; Anti-Ship; Anti-Air; Deterrent

Required mods:

As the first class of Dreadnaught ever constructed by Darvenstein Military Shipyard, N.S.N. Audacious is equipped with Adaptive Armor technology that works in synergy alongside an array of repair bubbles that goes around the circumference of the hull. Because of the resilient nature of the adaptive armor used in this design, we chose to completely abandon shielding to make sure that every bit of power comes straight to the repair bubble array. Of course, the audacity of completely relying on repairs isn't lost on us, hence the name, Audacious

The Audacious Dreadnaught has 3 flight decks to accommodate complementary aircraft, 1 helipad on top of the superstructure, and 2 separate runways on left and right upper deck capable of operating independently from each other. The lower deck consist of several weapon modules for air to surface bombardment, the heavily armored broadsides also have complementary weapons for engaging anything foolish enough to get close


As a first class Dreadnaught, and currently the only ship of it's kind, the Audacious is tasked to serve in NOVA HQ garrison fleet. This is to ensure that sensitive intel about this ship remains classified, and close to home at NOVA HQ


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Trying to make NOVA bloccs a thing...
May 8, 2020
where on earth did you get that idea hahaha
well ive been gone for a couple months nd when i came back yesterday and looked at the poll a bunch of people voted it sucks lol