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Nov 9, 2021
Tip 1: SCUs are your friend, complete the mission Turret Defence ASAP so you can use your inventory
Tip 2: once you unlock your first Payload Terminal, buy 5 more, wait until your 1 level behind max level in a lisence and scrap one of your 5 payload terminals and turn it into a payload terminal for that corparation
Tip 3: Don't feel like mods or downloading blueprints off of the workshop are cheating, it's completely normal
Tip 4: don't build a base until you beat Craftier Buisness 3
I will update this if i have any more tips

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Feb 10, 2021
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Feel's good to be back after like two months of inactivity. Sorry about that. Irl stuff sucks. I am slowly getting back to terratech so, expect some posts like in a few years days. Also, darvinstein, would you be interested in taking a giant block suggestion post soon?? just asking. uwu

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Feb 10, 2021
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Hello Darvin(not darwin, or a dwarf), it’s me! Totally Annoyingus Spammus! On a side note, yes, I do understand that I have a fleet to make, but I'm burnt out + waiting for a block update + procrastination, so I will settle for spamming your inflow of ideas. Let’s start with the problems we have to solve. From my experience with spaceships, here are the problems with making one effective while making it look good:
  2. I have never in my life, ever touched a CWIS
  4. Anti-grav is too limited in range
  5. Bro, why is my spacecraft doing barrel rolls without me pressing anything??
All of these blocks are built around helping with the 5 problems stated above, and making a realm of tactics within starship design. Many will be quality of life blocks, but some with being game-changing, or even game-breaking. Note that you don’t have to make them all, but at least try to add the blocks with a (!) next to them because, well, this was the work of about 4 months of planning. Also, I have too much experience with the late game, so REBALANCE!!!
  • Standard Blocks: My overall goal with these is to create a diversity of purpose-built blocks to more efficiently
  • (!) Reinforced Blocks: More health and weight than normal blocks. Also, don’t fall off and if possible, reflect armor-piercing munitions.
    • 1x1x1: 900 hp, 1.5 weight
    • 1x1x2: 1800 hp, 3 weight
    • 1x1x3: 2700 hp, 4.5 weight
    • 1x1x4: 3600 hp, 6 weight
    • 2x1x2: 3600 hp, 2 weight
    • 2x1x3: 5400 hp, 3 weight
    • 2x1x4: 7200 hp, 4 weight
    • 2x1x6: 10800 hp, 6 weight
    • 2x2x2: 7200 hp, 4 weight
  • Heavy Armor Plating: Very flat reinforced armor plating that doesn’t pop off. Also if possible, reflects armor-piercing munitions. Lore: Heavy duty armor plating for the toughest of engagements.
    • 1x1: 1750 hp, 0.75 mass units
    • 1x2: 3500 hp, 1.5 mass units
    • 1x3: 5250 hp, 2.25 mass units
    • 1x4: 7000 hp, 3 mass units
    • 2x2: 7000 hp, 3 mass units
    • 2x4: 14000 hp, 6 mass units
    • 2x6: 21000 hp, 9 mass units
    • 4x4: 28000 hp, 12 mass units
    • 4x8: 57600 hp, 26 mass units
  • (!) Energized Armor Plating: Armor plating that has a thin shield right above it, similar to the RR phalanx shields, but also deletes explosions like the TAC EMPC bubble. Lore: Warning! Apply with caution! Can and Will blow up at random intervals. Use at your own risk!
    • 1x1: 1250 hp, 0.8 mass units, 0.01 passive drain, 0.2 active drain
    • 1x2: 2500 hp, 1.6 mass units, 0.02 passive drain, 0.4 active drain
    • 1x3: 3750 hp, 2.4 mass units, 0.03 passive drain, 0.6 active drain
    • 1x4: 5000 hp, 3.2 mass units, 0.04 passive drain, 08 active drain
    • 2x2: 5000 hp, 3.2 mass units, 0.04 passive drain, 0.8 active drain
    • 2x4: 10000 hp, 6.4 mass units, 0.08 passive drain, 1.6 active drain
    • 2x6: 15000 hp, 9.6 mass units, 0.12 passive drain, 2.4 active drain
    • 4x4: 20000 hp, 12.8 mass units, 0.16 passive drain, 3.2 active drain
    • 4x6: 30000 hp, 19.2 mass units, 0.24 passive drain, 4.8 active drain
    • 4x8: 40000 hp, 25.6 mass units, 0.48 passive drain, 9.6 active drain
  • Chasis Blocks: less health for significantly less weight. Use as a filler block or for making a fast testing vehicle. Lore: With a joint venture with venture(haha), we have created lightly armored filler blocks for light vehicles. Or for slapping together a testbed.
    • 1x1x5: 2125 hp, 5 weight
    • 2x1x2: 1700 hp, 4 weight
    • 2x1x4: 3400 hp, 8 weight
    • 2x1x6: 5100 hp, 12 weight
    • 4x1x8: 6800 hp, 16 weight
    • 5x1x5: 10625 hp, 25 weight
    • 5x1x8: 17000 hp, 40 weight
    • 10x1x12: 51000 hp, 120 weight
  • (!) Bulkhead Blocks: Almost unbreakable blocks, but are so heavy to move unless using anti-grav, don’t even think about using them. Similar function to reinforced blocks. Large sizes, only for reinforcing important areas. Hard to build with, but very worth it. Lore: Stubborn and unwieldy, only usable for the largest of bases and antigrav ships.
    • 2x1x4: 80000 hp, 80 weight
    • 2x1x2: 40000 hp, 40 weight
    • 2x2x2: 80000 hp, 80 weight
    • 4x2x6: 480000 hp, 480 weight
    • 4x1x4: 160000 hp, 160 weight
    • 1x1x6: 60000 hp, 60 weight
    • 2x1x6: 120000 hp, 120 weight
  • Insert more HE armor blocks: I ran out of ideas, just do it.
Fun fact, this is only pt 1 out of like 30 parts.
yeah, I overdid this. Next up, weapon blocks!!

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Feb 10, 2021
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  • Control blocks: The goal with these is to provide aesthetically designed cabs for easier application.
    • (!) Larger Lancer Cabs: similar to the current lancer cab. Made out of reinforced titanium for maximum hp and the least possible weight. Has geometrical removable windows too.
      • Subspeed Lancer Cab (2x2x3): 24000 hp, weight 3, 720 fuel cap, 30 fuel regen
      • Lightspeed Lancer Cab (3x3x5): 120000 hp, weight 15, 2700 fuel cap, 120 fuel regen
    • (!) Larger Trooper Cabs: reminiscent of a humvee, but lack a removable top section.
      • Rugged Class Trooper Cab (2x2x3): 26000 hp, 1200 fuel cap, 12 fuel regen
      • Off-Road Class Trooper Cab (3x2x5):125000 hp, 3000 fuel cap, 30 fuel regen
    • (!) Internal Cabs: well-armored cabs that don’t have mobility but are survivable. Kinda like the TAC internal cab. Also, contain a nuclear RTG
      • Trundle Class Internal Cab (1x1x1): 10000 hp, 400 fuel cap, 10 fuel regen, 1500 energy cap, 20 energy per sec, 3 weight
      • Bulwark Class Internal Cab (2x2x2): 85000 hp, 3300 fuel cap, 90 fuel regen, 12500 energy cap, 175 energy per sec, 25 weight
      • Fortress Class Internal Cab (3x3x5): 475000 hp, 18000 fuel, 450 fuel regen, 70000 energy cap, 1000 energy per sec, 50 weight
    • More Hover Troopers: Idk about stats. Feel free to balance them.
      • Rocketeer: Shoots rockets(duh). Slower than a regular trooper.
      • Booster Trooper: A normal hover trooper with a booster strapped on it
      • Assault trooper: A normal hover trooper with faster-firing machine guns that do more damage per bullet and faster movement speed at the cost of durability and armor.
      • Tanker: Heavy trooper with armor and a shield and repair bubble. Has a small battery that stores 2000 energy
      • Power trooper: Support trooper with a capacitor that stores 4000 energy and a remote charger that gives 200 energy per charge

pt 2 is out!!
Remember, Rebalencing is important!!


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Jun 13, 2020
You've got some interesting ideas there, but the grant is based on popularity, so you need to convince not only me, but other people to support you as well. You might wanna chose the 1 thing that you want badly, then submit it when the next community research grant is open

That being said, I will be experimenting on a design for inertial dampener, which will ensure spaceships to stay in their place when the user doesn't press any movement keys
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