NOVA: Faction Thread


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Mar 1, 2021
i'm gonna make an overall big and heavy fighter and will serve as a joint-strike fighter for NOVA power
Aug 19, 2021
Battlegroup Alphα-1
Striderx12x Muspell 16mj railgun, 2x Nidhogg 100mj railcannon
Rift-Class Cruiserx22x Cruiser Turret, 6x Auto R6, 2x 14-torpedo pods, 2x Heavy Missile Pod
Rift-Class Artilery Ship (PROJECT=KURO)x11x Gladius Naval artilery, 1x Hawkeye Autocannon, 2x Darklight Missile Pod, 1x ARCHER AA Cannon, 6x Baser Cannon
Shard-Class Frigatex31x Mjolnir 20mj Railgun, 2x Fenrir VLS Canister Missile, 1x Slinger AA turret
This Battlegroup is made for taking down High-Value Targets who have lots of air support, destroying bases and even stealth missions as all vessels in the fleet can submerge (including the Strider) and all vessels in the fleet can hover over land.
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Feb 10, 2021
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Status report: My battlegroup is almost completed™. I am redesigning half of my ships to incorporate new nova tech(still waiting...). But for now, here are the overviews:
- Invulnerable class heavy cruiser: First of my warships to be self-sustainable in combat. Still waiting to be completed with nova torpedos
- Anguish class destroyer: Anti-grav warship with LOTS of missile spam. Still in the design phase after completing the Invulnerable class.
- Bellicose class heavy frigate: Small, slow, and VERY powerful, best for air support. Waiting for engine refit for better combat maneuverability.
- Pallas class tactical munitions ship: Experimental small, but JAM PACKED with weapons. Awaiting engine refit and testing.
- Nemesis class dreadnaught: Self-sustainable with the largest payload of all my ships. Railguns are so poggers.
- Aircraft carrier?: In the planning stage, so don't get your hopes high.
- Strident class light tactical bomber: Almost complete.
Hopefully will post my fleet by next month.
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Jun 13, 2020
very good, i have confirmed that you have a functioning battlegroup, therefore eligible for a promotion. Congratulations Commodore @nyankatto223

To keep climbing the ranks you just need to keep creating tech designs that are appropriate to your rank, to be a Rear Admiral you need a fleet, to be a full Admiral you need an armada, and so forth. Take a look at our chain of command structure in 1st page
Aug 19, 2021
Equipped with lifesign projectors so even if they scan it, it looks like there are people in there even though it's AI-controlled.
Aug 19, 2021
Kuro Class Submersible Field Base
Based on this.20220116112814_1.jpg20220116112737_1.jpg20220116112743_1.jpg20220116112748_1.jpg20220116112752_1.jpgManufacturer: Δ Delta Seabase
Width: 14 units
Height: 17 units
Length: 62 units
Blocks under water: 4
Defence: Shield bubbles, Repair bubbles, Anti-missile bubbles, Anti-missile airburst flak gun, Anti-projectile interceptor rifle x2
Surface armaments: Apollyon Heavy Plasma Cannon, 2x Noshiro Battleship Cannon, Perseus Cruiser Turret, Gungnir 64MJ Railcannon, Blutgang ETC Howitzer, 2x TAC Zorg Missile launcher (toaster), Assorted secondary weapons

Below surface armaments: 2x Mjolnir Submerged 20MJ Railgun, 2x Mastema Torpedo Launcher, 2x TAC Draccor Hyperspeed Torpedo Launcher
Intel: 4x Tac SatCom Radar
Price: 4,488,095 BB

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