NOVA Corporation Techs


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May 8, 2020
Hi! Im @Skihiley, and this is where i'll be posting techs for my "custom corporation", NOVA. NOVA corporation is a league of elite space assasins intent on utilizing the latest technology the creat supirior crafts. Also, all techs will have repair bubbles and shields.
I'll be using @retrogue's RR corps skin for one main reason. I'm twelve years old and know pretty much nothing about computers, let alone making custom skins; though if anyone reading this wants to make me a skin, feel free. It would be the same as @retrogue's, but with electric blue instead of neon orange.
All of my techs utilize custom blocks; you can find all the blocks I use in my whiteboarding thread.
Eventually, (meaning sometime in the next decade), or if a modder wants to help me, I would like to make custom blocks for this corp.
Lastly, I would like to keep this thead clean, so if you like my stuff, leave a like, and save your comments, compliments, or critisism for the whiteboarding thread here:
Please leave likes;)
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