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What type of Techs does the Average Consumer want to see from us?

  1. Big

  2. Small


  4. Fast

  5. Harvester

  6. Tank

  7. Scout

  8. Flyer

  9. Hovering

  10. Dang, ran out of choices. :|

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  1. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero NeedsAFaceOrFourAndOneThirdGiveOrTakeALittleBit

    Here’s some stuff you need to know, assuming this is your first time viewing this thread:
    1. Although this is the equivalent of a Tech Showcase, it’s NOT! See I.M.R.S.A.P.T.M.W.T.T, which is closed. :q
    2. In RP, common restrictions apply to how and if you (as a kingdom or member of a kingdom) can interact with these Techs. But Only in RP!
    Hope you all enjoy this!
    NotExactInd™ is a trademark of the FireMane Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Founded in 2176, Space Time Calendar
    Yay, Links:
    Tech "Lineup"
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  2. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero NeedsAFaceOrFourAndOneThirdGiveOrTakeALittleBit

    RP Restrictions: The kingdom of TAC can use any of the techs that have AI in them, but Techs must either exist beforehand(obviously) or be manufactured by NotExactInd,™ since only they have the blueprints, and they're practically untouchable(to access them you have to answer a question that only I know the answer to).
    If any kingdom has the fortune to get their kinda sorta grubby ;) hands on any NotExactInd™ Techs, then they have that copy of the Tech, and can't analyse the design and create more(cause NotExactInd™ has developed unreplicable blueprints, thanks to several months of experimenting in TAC). The kingdom could try to repair the NotExactInd™ Tech they have, but every time they repaired 15% of the tech, it'd become 25% more unstable, meaning there's a 25% higher chance of blocks falling off (if 20 blocks would fall off but there's also 25% instability, meaning 25 blocks actually fall off. Formula is x+(x/4 OR 25% of 20)=y, x being blocks falling off beforehand, y being total number of blocks falling off.) It also increases the chance of the tech falling apart a very small amount.
    IMPORTANT!!! If a kingdom wishes to purchase/rent NotExactInd™ Techs, contact NotExactlyHero on either the renting/purchasing kingdom's main thread, or on TAC's.
  3. Benbacon

    Benbacon Founder Of Bacon, Inc

    A fellow company!

    Maybe we can have some friendly competition?
  4. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero NeedsAFaceOrFourAndOneThirdGiveOrTakeALittleBit

    If I can get 5 techs out in the time you can get 20, I think I'm doing good.
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  5. Benbacon

    Benbacon Founder Of Bacon, Inc

    What makes you think that?

    Plus, spamming the competition is not really my strategy nor is it honorable
  6. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero NeedsAFaceOrFourAndOneThirdGiveOrTakeALittleBit

    To say it simply, Bacon, Inc (technically) has more resources than NotExactInd™
    Nuff Said
  7. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero NeedsAFaceOrFourAndOneThirdGiveOrTakeALittleBit

    I might be able to get out more Tech designs than you, as mine take less time to build, do to my simple building skills and the fact that I'm definitely not lacking ideas of Techs to design. But NotExactInd™ is lacking the BB to purchase the materials to make the special materials "we" use to make NotExactInd™ Techs. And the CEO of the FireMane Corporation needs to see more... excitement for NotExactInd™ to provide more funding.
  8. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero NeedsAFaceOrFourAndOneThirdGiveOrTakeALittleBit

    GSO Grade 1 Turret

    GSO Grade 1 Turret.png

    "When your bored of being in a vehicle."

    (Because of the fact that the GSO Rotating anchor and GSO Anchored AI Module are GSO Grade 2, this should probably be called a base Tech of sorts, not a turret.) With bad long to medium range weaponry, this Turret is really meant for close range battles, due to a slight spam of ZK-47 Light Machine Guns. With light shielding, it might become relevant.


    Weapons: 24 GSO ZK-47 Light Machine Guns, 16 GSO Short Gauge COIL Lasers

    Energy Storage: 18 GSO Small Battery Cells

    Energy Capabilities: 4 GSO Tall Solar Generators

    Bubbles: 1 GSO Repair Bubble Projector

    Has 1 Layer of outer armour.
    Unrotatable, even though it's a turret. :(

    The original, Mk1 Turret was used as a ground defense turret by the Bueikl Empire in the Craigius War, this relic served good years during the war, but was quickly outdated by the invention of rotating anchors, energy shields, and automated systems, which would save many lives in the future. After a bit of testing and altering, an improved version of the turret was was created, and a rapid retrofitting of the originals took place for a few years. However, with the Brake Crisis, some units were never updated, and after the crisis passed, were largely forgotten about.
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  9. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero NeedsAFaceOrFourAndOneThirdGiveOrTakeALittleBit

    GSO Grade 2 Turret

    GSO Grade 2 Turret.png

    "Insert Catchy Phrase Here"

    What this turret lacks in shielding, it more than makes up for in firepower. Even so, it's still quite a beast to take down for any Tech it's size, barring explosives with a big AOE. Mostly because it can kill things it's size and almost twice it's size with it's bloody SIXTY TWO 3-Pounders. I can't get over that. It has SIXTY BLOODY TWO 3 Pound Cannons.


    Weapons: 62 GSO 3-Pound Cannons, 25 GSO Wide Gauge STUD Lasers

    Energy Storage: 16 GSO Small Battery Cells

    Energy Capabilities: 4 GSO Tall Solar Generators

    Bubbles: 1 GSO Repair Bubble Projector, 2 GSO Shield Bubble Projectors

    Has 2 Layers of outer armour.
    Fast Rotation Speed

    The retrofit of the Mk1 Turret, it was mainly used in the Brake Crisis and the Somatic Uprising as a Ground Defense Turret like it's predecessor, but in the Okalahome Territory Wars, it was deployed on the ever moving border of the Bueikl Empire. Although the turret was largely kept until the Mk 5 Turret was developed, some of them were changed to be bigger and better, and soon the Mk3 Turrets were being deployed instead of the smaller, cheaper, Mk2s.
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  10. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero NeedsAFaceOrFourAndOneThirdGiveOrTakeALittleBit

    GSO Grade 3 Turret

    GSO Grade 3 Turret.png

    "It can Tank it!"

    With a seemingly OP battery base, and a mini turret to boot, this turret kicks butt. Unlike it's predecessor, this turret carries a lot of tankiness, but also a lot of guns. It's bigger, badder, and stupider.


    Weapons: 20 GSO ZK-47 Light Machine Guns, 8 GSO Fixed 8 Barrel Mini-Mortars, 49 GSO 3-Pound Cannons

    Energy Storage: 68 GSO Small Battery Cells

    Energy Capabilities: 8 GSO Tall Solar Generators, 1 GSO Wireless Charger

    Bubbles: 8 GSO Repair Bubble Projectors, 8 GSO Shield Bubble Projectors

    Has 2 Layers of outer armour.
    Medium Rotation Speed
    This thing is very tanky. JUST it's mini-turret, with it's 20 Light Machine guns, can kill the GSO Grade 2 Turret before the Turret can break both layers of outer armour on the GSO Grade 3 Turret. Just wow.

    The Mk3 Turret held the position of the best turret in the Bueikl Empire for many generations. Although only used in 4 wars over the course of several hundred years, it has rightfully earned it's place in the memory of all who beheld it, and those who didn't. With it's extreme survivability, these turrets almost never fell in battle, and when they did they left crippling damage to those who had fought to bring them down. Veterans of the Huumen Wars remembered the Mk3 Turrets with fear and awe. Never had such a turret been seen, with the ability to survive powerful weapons, only short of full scale orbital bombardment. With a non-anchored AI, the turret could keep on fighting even if it's anchor was removed. As such, they only went out of business once the mighty, terrifying, soul crushing, Mk5 came out.
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  11. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero NeedsAFaceOrFourAndOneThirdGiveOrTakeALittleBit

    GSO Grade 4 Turret

    GSO Grade 4 Turret.png

    'Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You call that armored?!?!?! THIS, is armoured."

    When someone says the GSO Grade 3's a tank, anyone who's seen this, well, look at the shorter description. It still packs a punch though.


    Weaponry: 90 GSO Fixed Barrel Mini-Mortars, 48 GSO3-Pound Cannons, 13 GSO Wide Gauge STUD Lasers, 10 GSO Combat Shotguns

    Energy Storage: 136 GSO Small Battery Cells

    Energy Capabilities: 16 GSO Tall Solar Generators

    Bubbles: 20 GSO Repair Bubble Projectors, 20 GSO Shield Bubble Projectors

    Has 5 Layers of outer armour.
    Very, Very, Slow Rotation Speed

    The Mk4 Turret, or the Behemoth, as it was called, was, in all seriousness, actually used in a war. This was only do to having decent detection equipment, making sure no enemies could sneak behind friendly lines. Because of the very, very, slow turning speed of the Mk4s, they were positioned about 100 meters behind the line, giving them time to turn, so they could engage the enemy. Anything that could evade them was destroyed by the more maneuverable Mk3 Turrets. However, they were never really used, due to their terrible turning. Once the Mk5s were out, the Mk4s were quickly upgraded. Because the Mk5 Turret, is so, so, much better than the Mk4.

    It's really big and heavy, and because it's 100% GSO, it only uses 1 GSO Rotating anchor. The GSO Grade 5 Turret is better because it has access to hovers. You will be seeing that soon, by the way(I hope.)
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  12. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero NeedsAFaceOrFourAndOneThirdGiveOrTakeALittleBit

    The Vixen

    The Vixen.png

    "I'd take fast and controllable to faster and uncontrollable."

    The Vixen is a fast scout vehicle. With a solar panel and a decent battery storage, it can go for quite a while without combat before it has to recharge. You can actually drive up a lot of slopes in your world with this thing, as long as they don't become steep fast. And if you do get stuck, it's boost should get you out of any pickle fast. Armed with only a Cluster Missile Launcher, it's definitely not for combat.


    Weaponry: 1 Venture Cluster Missile Launcher

    Base Speed: 99mph
    Max Speed: 146mph

    Energy Storage: 9 Venture Batteries

    Energy Capabilities: 1 GSO Tall Solar Generator

    Bubbles: 4 GSO Shield Bubble Projectors, 4 Venture Repair Bubble Projectors

    Has 1 Layer of outer armour.

    The Vixen was designed by Galvatronix Mechanics, and became popular with people having their mid-life crisis on Kep 16, the "City of Angels," and Daredevils all over. Even though it wasn't the fastest, or even most dangerous of stunt vehicles, it was uniquely drawing, for unknown reasons. Some say it was the will of the divine, some say it was some sort of conspiracy, and some thought the rocks wanted more trees to die. Whatever it was, it was used in over 1200 stunts across 50 systems, and still is used occasionally to this day, easily surpassing health safety guidelines on almost all planets. Many used it to drive up sheer cliffs, and some inventive Hawkeye agents even made a slightly bigger, stealthier, and more dangerous version as a Hawkeye scout vehicle.
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  13. Aardvark123

    Aardvark123 Well-Known Member

    Looks like a very useful vehicle.
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  14. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero NeedsAFaceOrFourAndOneThirdGiveOrTakeALittleBit

    Here's our current Tech Lineup:

    GSO Grade 5 Turret: Unbuilt
    Hawkeye Scout Vehicle: WIP(Work In Progress) Name Needed! Suggestions Welcome!
    Venture Harvester: CIP(Concept In Progress) Name Needed! Suggestions Welcome!
    Baron's Gate: CIP
    Platte River's Armageddon: CIP Concept Needed! Suggestions Welcome!

    Want to suggest a Tech? Then go ahead!! We'll do our best to build it.
    RP restrictions still apply.
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  15. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero NeedsAFaceOrFourAndOneThirdGiveOrTakeALittleBit



    "That looks scary."

    Serviceable and very strong, Fumes leaves most Techs in the dust with its boost, and the might of the explosives takes care of much, much bigger techs.


    Weaponry: 2 Hawkeye Mk3 Battleship Cannons, 2 Hawkeye Seeker Missile Pods

    Base Speed: 45mph
    Max Speed: 125mph

    Energy Storage: 3 Hawkeye Ion Batteries

    Bubbles: 2 GSO Shield Bubble Generators, Hawkeye Repair Bubble

    Has 1 Layer of outer armour.

    The hawkeye adaption of The Vixen, it's a bit smaller, and definitely less pretty, but it gets the job done. Not like Hawkeye would want any ugly Venture vehicles, so why not design their own? The result of said view was Fumes, and it was a real killer. With it's dual cannons and missile pods, it's great for destroying anything that gets in your way. however, it's sorely lacking in shielding, so you should always take the fight to them, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't boost away. A dead operative isn't better than a live one, even if they've failed a mission.

    I'd thought I'd show what Fumes was going to look like, before I had some common sense knocked into my head. This version just kept falling over on turns. Can't have that. In this pic, it's falling through the floor. Cause R&D Glitches.
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  16. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero NeedsAFaceOrFourAndOneThirdGiveOrTakeALittleBit

    This isn't a Tech, but I had to share the pitifulness.
    I'm just pushing it around. Nothing to see here. 20180713193620_1.jpg
    Let's cut it in half, shall we? 20180713193637_1.jpg
    No, I'm not going to kill it, even though I can see it's cab.
    Now I'm just being evil.
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  17. Galrex

    Galrex Well-Known Member

    That looks like some SUMO match in R&D.
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