Noob question: how do I find tougher enemy techs?

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Nov 17, 2019
Exactly what it says on the tin. I'm relatively new, only having 96 hours of playtime as of posting this, but I've already hit something of a roadblock in my enjoyment, and it's not to do with any of the game mechanics, those are all fine, but rather...

Enemy techs are just too easy now. It would be one thing if I wheeled out some gargantuan 10 million BB tech (my biggest campaign tech is 8.6m and pretty much done, but I digress) and flattened everything in sight, but I'm quickly coming to realize that by the time my techs hit anywhere from 750k BB to 1m BB, they're practically indestructible as long as I've built them at least half-decently.

But that's the thing. I say "half-decently" because the most dangerous threats I've come across are small wedges/bricks late-game covered with Hawkeye Cruise Missiles and/or other missile components, and even that can be dealt with by just slapping a Hawkeye Havoc Shield on the front to mitigate as much of the blast as possible and calling it good. Beyond that, it's mostly just fast but made-of-glass Better Future hover-blobs and giant T-posing statues with drills at the base from Geocorp (and tiny ten-block-long, five-block-tall, seven-block-wide GSO and Venture bricks that can barely even shoot,) none of which come even close to scratching any tech I build. I'm not being pushed to build anything better, like experimenting with "layered venture shielding" and all these other fancy-sounding words that get thrown around in the dark depths of the forums. There's no room for me to really experiment and find out what's more efficient than just covering everything in Hawkeye Havoc Shields and Geocorp Repair Bubbles and wrapping that in a layer of batteries inside a shell of Geocorp or Hawkeye blocks just covered in mountains of assorted missile launchers and Megaton Cannons or Hawkeye Mk3 Battleship Cannons, because any "player-made techs" that come crashing down into my world are just malformed messes of blockspam with the occasional odd Megaton cannon thrown on top. And even if I go into the creative/sandbox mode and set enemy difficulty to hard, that just makes *SLIGHTLY BIGGER* messes of blockspam come down. For a prime example of my complaint, look at this!


This was an invader I encountered on a semi-fresh campaign soon after beating the boss of Rook Creek Bridge and commandeering some of the Hawkeye parts on it (which is laughably easy if you make a tiny GSO-only tech with drills on the front and approach from behind, but again, I digress) and attaining Geocorp rank 3, well before I'd be concerned with making more... "optimized" techs. So, I'd expect that for a tech like this (mine in the screenshot costs a bit over 400k BB) I'd be facing off against something much, much stronger than... that thing on the ground there. Yes, again, that really is an invader. Yes, it disintegrated approximately a quarter second after I let off the first shot.

I don't quite know how to fix the problem of all these player-made techs that show up both as invaders and as regular enemies being so hilariously easy to take out and only even slightly challenging in the sorts of large hordes that Geocorp, Hawkeye and Better Future "defend the tech/find the loot crate" missions dish out, but if anyone knows how to amp up the game's difficulty, or somehow pick and choose what winds up sneaking into my campaign so that I can actually feel like I'm having to drive and fight for my life again, I'd love to find out so I can actually be pushed to get good again.
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Jun 21, 2018
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I did encounter a cruise missile spamming tech as normal enemy once, that one can easily destroy the one you're using, but I did survive and the reword was sweet, and I'm pretty sure that megaton spamming behemoth is really common, at least in salt flat biome.


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Feb 25, 2015
If you build bigger with more advanced blocks and stay out of the grasslands you should start to see bigger and better baddies.
The enemies difficulty is supposed to be relative to the tech that you are in.
I'm not sure if Twitter makes much of a difference with the invaders anymore, but you may want to try linking that to the game as well. It may widen the variety of invaders that get sent to you.
Hope it helps, Have a good one [8D)
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May 30, 2018
I feel your pain. The enemy pool is in desperate need of revamping. In the meantime, look for Hawkeye (and sometimes Better Future) missions. Sometimes I’ll be pleasantly surprised at the enemies from those. The defend the tech Hawkeye missions especially can throw waves of enemy missile techs at you, albeit rarely.

If you’re looking to challenge yourself outside of campaign, set your own techs or those from the workshop as enemies and fight them. The AI isn’t great, so I’d recommend doing more than one round and taking turns controlling your tech or the other tech.