Non-lethal "weapons"?


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Mar 15, 2021
On terratech there are missiles, cannons, miniguns and laser beams to destroy enemy blocks, shields and armor, but "non-lethal" weapons are practically non-existent, which do not inflict damage, but can be quite useful. Here are some of my ideas.

Concept 1
Energy lich
Laser-like weapon of acceptable size (2x2x3), firing a continuous laser, creating a link between you and the enemy's vehicle, sucking energy from enemy batteries to fill yours. This weapon could drain a GSO battery in about 5 seconds, but in the transfer, the beam disperses about 30% of its energy, so it's not a reliable way to recharge your batteries, but still a valuable addition to any vehicle.

Concept 2
Harpoon mine
This weapon is preferable to mount in the lower part of your vehicle, due to its flattened size (2x1x2). This weapon releases a flat mine, which is fired as soon as it touches a solid surface to which it sticks. As soon as a vehicle passes in the vicinity of the mine, it will fire a harpoon at the vehicle, which will prevent it from moving away. The mine is difficult to see from a distance, and can be destroyed with firearms. Very handy weapon if you are being chased.

Concept 3
Impact granade
This weapon has very compact dimensions (1x1x2), and can quickly rotate on itself. This weapon fires small spheres, which explode on first impact, not inflicting damage, but creating a shock wave of immeasurable power, capable of firing even the largest and most powerful vehicles into the air. Expert shooters can also hit planes, causing the balance and any gyroscopes to go haywire, causing the aircraft to crash.

I conclude the post with a quick question.
In your opinion, we will ever see mechanical "legs", or even mechanical paws in terratech 'I think it might be cool to create a bipedal or quadrupedal vehicle.

Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think below in the comments.

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