No new wheel blocks are appearing at the trading post.

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    First off I want to say that this game is really fun, keep up the good work. Now here is my issue:

    I reached level 2 and a message appeared saying that the GSO dirt wheel is available at the trading post. It was not there. Later I completed the mission to get the GeoCorp license. GeoCorp parts are available at the trading post, but again the wheels are no where to be found, I only have the 2 starting GSO wheels. Can someone please explain how to get the better wheels to appear at the trading post?


  2. harpo99999

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    this is an issue that has been bugging us players since the last change to the stocking of the trading posts.
    all I can suggest is doing the defend the trading post mission to activate the block storage in the trading post(s) SCU's (and when you get them, you own scu's, and collect any of the desired wheels from the battles
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