Nintendo Switch Challenge


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Apr 13, 2020
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Hello everyone, my name is zugbug and as most of you know I am a switch player. This was an idea that I originally had to just share some of my own techs that I’ve made on switch and to let other switch players post their techs. However, I have chosen to alter the idea slightly. I will still be posting my techs and other switch players are welcome to do so as well, but they aren’t the other ones.
I am hereby declaring this the Nintendo Switch Challenge. Anyone on any platform will be free to post their techs, but they have to follow some rules.
First rule, you must restrict yourself to the abilities of a switch player, 16x16x16 build limit. Mods will be permitted but should try to be avoided for authenticity. New blocks and features should also be avoided if possible.
The point of this challenge is to make people think and build different than what they are used too. If anyone has any questions about the concept or the rules you are free to ask. I’m also very active on discord if you wish to find me there.


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May 30, 2018
So I don't know exactly which blocks are on Switch, but I avoided the newest blocks and stayed well within the 16x16x16 build limit.

I give you... the Dinghy!
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