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    Hi all,

    being a new player in TT (a few days) I have yet much to learn so maybe if you could help me by anwering my questions?

    1. I strongly leaned towards GC in my campaign game which makes my designs slow, cumbersome and decidedly undergunned. How effective are the mining weapons at GSO level 3.... can I still use them for a bit or should I begin to upgrade ASAP?
    2. Of the available mining weapons... are the plasma cutters really that powerful in terms of damage?
    3. Currently my design is running on a lot of GC medium wheels. Having got access to caterpillar tracks at trading stations recently... I am strongly considering switching to all track drive. What would you recommend for a large GeoCorp design?
    4. My test in R&D as well as creative mode as as well as the - painstakingly searched for and outdated - hitpoint values seem to indicate that the middle track outclasses the right/left track of GC.. being both faster, harder to destroy and being more universally useable by not being somewhat side limited.
    5. Globally speaking for the game and for other factions as a whole.... are tracks or super large wheels the better option or is there an advantage for both of them depending on the situation?
    6. What is the best option to carry the most mass without having access to hover tech?
    7. Should I invest into 3 Pound Cannons or should I wait until I can buy bigger cannons?
    8. Should I have a base? And if yes... are the AI sentries enough to fend of attacks?
    9. While less efficient than other generators... the mobile furnace generator seems to generate plentiful of power from even basic fuel sources.... is there even a point in all those anchored ones?
    10. Is there a way to avoid generators consuming fuel when all batteries are charged? They seem to happily burn fuel for no gain at all.
    11. What shield and repair bubble is the best in what situation?
    12. Any further advice?

    Thank you for your time. :)


    1. I did the same thing. It's fine to use the GSO drills if your just using them to clear a way for your tech. I usually have a designated mining tech and leave my other techs without drills.
    2. not sure....
    3. Only put tracks on the sides, as putting them in the middle will slow down your turning
    4. I've never really gotten the point of the left and right tracks. Maybe they help climb steep hills?
    5. I think it's just a matter of which feels better to handle. Wheels are also usually higher off the ground so you get stuck less.
    6. GeoCorp wheels and tracks carry the most
    7. Three pound cannons can usually be found pretty easily by killing techs, so I would just save unless you really need them
    8. Depends on your play style. If you want to set up auto miners and craft all your parts, then yes I would have base. You can always just slap a cab onto a base and snapshot it if you need to move it. Some people have mobile bases where they just anchor themselves if they need to craft. If you have enough turrets they can defend. I would just put a bunch of 3 pound cannons on a turret and have three or four of those around my base (don't forget shields, repair bubbles, batteries, and solar generators).
    9. If you really need a lot of power then you could use the anchored generators. Usually there are enough trees to where it doesn't really matter.
    10. You could use a filter and just switch between accepting nothing and accepting fuel sources.
    11. Hawkeye bubbles have the best repair and shield rates, geocorp has the biggest range, venture is the lightest and consumes the least energy, and gso are all-around. I usually just pick based on the size of bubble I need.

    Hope this helps!
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    Slight correction, VEN repair bubbles are also the fastest healers, so blocks don't explode as often. GSO repair bubbles are mediocre, HE repair bubbles have a large range and heal slower but heals more every "pulse" (overall VEN repair bubbles are better) while GEO repair bubbles have the largest range and heal the slowest, but have the best heals every "pulse".
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    1. GSO drillers are a bit slow but get the job done. I upgraded mostly on account of trees.
    2. I like cerberus drills, one pointing down, one pointing out. It will take down most trees, which are the real problem. Pretty much anything will slice through rocks at a varied (yet fast) pace. It does generate problems climbing hills, so maybe the chainsaw GC thingamagig at the bottom will offer better ground clearance.
    3. Caterpillars are probably the slowest wheels around. I wouldn't recommend them, except as supplementary weight haulers. I'm using GC big boy wheels. Should probably upgrade to something large, but then I'd have even bigger angle of fire issues with my megatons than I do now.
    4. Everything gets destroyed if you manouver like a cement truck :)
    5. Super large wheels all the way baby!
    6. Big wheelz.. I think.
    7. You'll quickly outgrow the 3 pounders when you hit the megatons. I've been using them as the mainstay of my combat tech and the mixture of DPS, compactness and HP resilience has served me well. If you want to outrange enemy techs before they even activate you'll need something with a little more range, but what's the fun in that? :)
    So, if you're looking for something to invest heavily in.. go megaton :)
    8. For the varied purposes of scrapping, manufacturing and ore reprocessing.. yes, you should definitely have a base. Especially if you plan on mass producing heavily armed and armoured AI sentries to protect your holdings. Which they do. I have megatons and cruise missiles on mine, base never takes damage.
    9. The best armour in the game is the Hawkeye Armour. Hawkeye Armour needs alot of fibron. Fibron needs alot of trees. AI sentries need alot of armour. And so forth.
    You don't really need a mobile generator unless you're full blown nomad. Your routine will likely consist of going out, doing a couple of missions and returning to base to recharge. Enough batteries on your vehicles will ensure you're not relying on tree power when the bodily waste hits the rotating blade.
    Using resources to generate power when batteries are perfectly apt for the task is just a waste.
    10. No idea, I've never used a generator. GC batteries are resilient enough for me to use them as building blocks on my combat tech :)
    11. I like hawkeye tech. 2 repair and 2 shield bubbles cover my whole tech, so the power drain is gentler. I used to use a bunch of GSO repair and shield bubbles because, well.. that's what was available. The GC bubble is better than the GSO one, but since there's no shield counterpart for GC.. I just stuck with GSO until I had hawkeye.
    12. Make a charging station at your base. Lots of solar panels, batteries and wireless chargers. Will recharge your techs ALOT faster. Also, put a few solar panels on all your techs. That way they can recharge once you anchor them and hop into something else.
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    Learn something new every day!
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    1. GSO Rock Drills are fine for mining but GC drills are better. The saws are fine for trees but not so much on rocks, whereas drills handle both easily.
    2. Damage isn't the only thing to consider. Drills work without needing to fire and are great at knocking blocks off, at which point they cease to damage them. They're great for harvesting parts from large techs.
    3. Tracks are good but bouncy, which can sometimes throw off your aim.
    4. Bubble your wheels so they avoid damage and heal when necessary. The GC left/right tracks reduce the bounciness of the center tracks to a point. All have good grip and turning as long as your wheel base is wide enough.
    5. Big wheels can sometimes get over sharp transitions better vs. tracks.
    6. Tracks can support a lot of weight and are reasonably fast.
    7. 3 pounders just got a damage buff and were decent to begin with in earlier stages of the games, but they take time to aim and it's hard to hit things moving at you with them (which everything does,) so use a combo of STUD lasers and 3-pound cannons. GSO mini mortars are good once you learn how to use them (and can put at least 4-6 on your tech) but they also have serious drawbacks, so a mix is best again. You can get Venture Rapid Cannons fairly early and they're amazing. They're not super difficult to craft, either. If you can fit four on a tech you're set until well shielded enemies with Megatons appear.
    8. Bases (anything anchored) stop nearby invasions and make a good charging station. If you bubble them well (shields at each corner) you don't need sentries. Defend it with your mobile tech while enemies are distracted and focusing on your base.
    9. Anchored generators are nice to help power your bases. Other than that--idk? I only use them when absolutely necessary.
    10. Other than limiting fuel going to them, no.
    11. Biggest shield to stop damage as far from your tech as possible. Repair bubbles are answered itt.
    12. Any further advice? Try removing weight from your tech instead of adding more wheels. A smaller, more agile tech makes it easier to deal with fast enemies. Build most of the frame from batteries and bubble them well. Armor in the front is very effective, even the GSO Ploughs you get early in the game. Look into Venture Monster Truck and Titan wheels. They're kind of annoying to craft but they're fast, agile and hold a decent amount of weight. Add fans/jets to your tech to help it climb hills--Venture jets are worth crafting just for this.
    Tip regarding Megatons: It's easier if you don't see any techs with Megatons on them, right? So once you hit GSO level 4 (I think, maybe 5) try to avoid invaders, don't craft Megatons and don't run any GSO missions. As long as you don't have them, enemy techs won't either.

    If an invader shows up with Megatons it might be possible to destroy it and drive off, and as long as you don't suck up any Megatons with your SCU or pick them up, you may not see enemy techs with them.
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    Thank you people.
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    Best tip IMO if you have a slower tech put plenty of guns on the back, fast enemies always run round behind you... guns there brighten their day... ;)
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